Green Gully Road and Arundel Road intersection safety improvements

We’re improving safety and making it easier to turn right onto the Calder Freeway, with new traffic lights and street lighting at the intersection of Green Gully Road and Arundel Road in Keilor.

Project Update - October 2020

Following recent asphalting works at the new intersection we now need to install detector loops for the new traffic lights and line mark the new intersection. We’ll need to close the road to Southbound traffic heading towards the village from Arundel Road to carry out these works.

Work will take place from 11pm, Monday 26 October to 2am on Tuesday 27 October and again from 11pm, Thursday 29 October to 2am on Friday 30 October. 

A signed detour will be in place along Arundel Road, Annandale Road, Keilor Park Drive and Old Calder Highway. Access to properties on Arundel Road will continue to be accessible via Green Gully and Arundel Roads.  

We thank you for your patience as we complete this important safety upgrade.

What is being done to improve safety?

Improving infrastructure plays a vital role in keeping you safe, which is why we’re rolling out safety features across the state.

We’re investing $2 million to improve road user safety at the intersection of Green Gully Road and Arundel Road, safety features include:

  • Upgrading street lighting and to make it safer for road users travelling through the area at dusk and dawn
  • Installing new signalised intersection accompanied with traffic lights
  • Improving signage to make it easier to navigate through the intersection
  • Upgrading the road surfacing to make journeys at the intersection smoother and safer.

Project Benefits

An analysis of crashes of over a five-year period demonstrates the intersection crashes were responsible for 41% of all serious casualties on the road network. We are reducing the risk and severity of crashes between turning vehicles and oncoming traffic by installing dedicated traffic signals at the intersection of Green Gully Road and Arundel Road.


We’re upgrading the intersection of Green Gully Road and Arundel Road in Keilor to make it safer road users travelling on to the Calder Freeway. In the five years ending 2019, there has been 6 reported crashes with 5 resulting in serious injuries.

Installing safety infrastructure at intersections is important, because about third of deaths on Victorian roads result from crashes at intersection. Creating safer roads and intersections will help save lives by improving conflicting turning and assisting road users judge gaps in opposing traffic.

Green Gully and Arundel Rd

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