Hallam Road Upgrade, Ormond Road to South Gippsland Highway

We’re upgrading Hallam Road between Ormond Road and the South Gippsland Highway to improve safety, traffic flow and access to public transport.

Project update – March 2018

We’ve started the process of finding the most suitable contractor to build the upgrade. 

Contractors will cost the project design and propose how it will be built. We’ll then assess this and select the successful contractor later this year.  We expect works to start by end of 2018.

About the project

As an important link between the South Gippsland Highway and the Monash Freeway, the Hallam Road Upgrade will improve safety and connectivity in this area. 

The benefits include:

  • adding an extra lane in each direction for better traffic flow
  • installing traffic lights at the South Gippsland Highway intersection
  • constructing a new walking and cycling path on both sides of the road to provide better access to bus services
  • enabling the City of Casey to re-open Evans Road, reconnecting the communities of Lyndhurst and Lynbrook. 

Imaged of proposed design for Hallam Road intersection at Hampton Park  

View a larger version of the proposed design 

Information Update - September 2017 [PDF 549 Kb] 

Project background

More than 10,000 vehicles travel on Hallam Road, between Ormond Road and South Gippsland Highway each day. 

A further 40,000 vehicles rely on the Hallam Road, South Gippsland Highway and Evans Road intersection each day, travelling at high speeds.

Improving safety is this key priority for this project as 22 crashes on this section of road have been recorded since 2012. 

In November 2014, stage one of upgrading Hallam Road was completed between Pound Road and Ormond Road, Hampton Park. This involved adding an extra lane in each direction for this section of road.

In April 2016, $38.4 million was invested by the Victorian Government to continue the Hallam Road Upgrade for a further 1.2 kilometres between Ormond Road and South Gippsland Highway. 

Planning and Progress

Since October 2016, we’ve been in the preconstruction phase. We’ve been meeting with affected landowners, doing environmental studies, design work, surveying and organising planning approvals.

This has allowed us to better understand all aspects of the project and work with stakeholders to refine the work to be delivered.

Community involvement

In October 2017 we hosted community information stands at the Lynbrook Community Centre, Hampton Park Shopping Centre and the Lynbrook Lantern Festival. Here, members of the community could view the proposed design and speak with the project team.

We’re continuing to speak with key stakeholder groups, local Members of Parliament, councils and local community organisations and residents during the upgrade.

Wherever possible, we’ll notify potentially affected residents with updates via letterbox drops, door knocks and emails.


We’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment and are continuing our investigations to understand what measures we can put in place to minimise these impacts.

What happens next?

Over the next few months we’ll be:

  • coordinating with service providers to protect a significant gas pipeline and ensure we minimise traffic disruption
  • engaging with impacted land owners through the land acquisition process
  • finalising the design based on the successful contractor’s proposal, along with feedback from council, special interest groups and the community and the successful contractor’s proposal. 

We’ll continue to engage and update the local community, businesses, special interest groups and council throughout the project.

Contact us

For more information on the Hallam Road Upgrade, please get in touch:

Email: [email protected]
Call:    (03) 9703 5999
Write: Hallam Road Upgrade, South Eastern Projects PO Box 2214 Fountain Gate VIC 3805

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