Hoddle Street & Abbot Grove Signal Works

We’re upgrading the intersection of Hoddle Street and Abbot Grove in Abbotsford to improve safety. Works will commence from 29 January and are expected to be completed by late-February 2019.


From 29 January to late-February, we’ll be:

  • investigating utility services, including pits and pipes
  • asphalting and modifying traffic islands
  • removing one lighting pole
  • installing traffic signals.

Our crews will be working from:

  • 9pm - 5am, Sunday to Thursday

Towards the end of the project, we may need to work during off-peak traffic periods to complete the final works, including connecting the traffic signals. The works will occur from:

  • 10.30am - 3.30pm, Monday to Friday


These safety improvements include:

  • installing new traffic signals to help control traffic travelling through the intersection
  • installing pedestrian crossings at Abbot Grove
  • re-aligning the traffic island at Hoddle Street
  • installing and relocating new roadside traffic signage.

What to be aware of

Overnight lane closures

We’re working overnight to minimise traffic impacts on Hoddle Street.

From 9pm - 5am, there will be closures of one lane in each direction on Hoddle Street near the intersection with Abbot Grove.

Please look out for signage and traffic management on site. 

During works you may also notice:

  • reduced speed zones around work areas to ensure the safety of motorists and our work crews
  • some traffic delays during works
  • medium level noise from construction activities

There are no service interruptions expected resulting from these works.


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