Improving safety for pedestrians on Centre Road

To enable more Victorians to walk for everyday trips, we're improving safety and connectivity for pedestrians on Centre Road in Bentleigh. 

About the project 

The Department of Transport and Planning is investing $61.6 million over multiple years to continue supporting active transport projects and initiatives across the state. 

This includes building a safer pedestrian crossing near the Greek Orthodox Church at the corner of Centre Road and Balmoral Avenue in Bentleigh. 

There is high demand for pedestrians on Centre Road due to community facilities, Bentleigh Reserve and bus stops for Route 703. 

There is currently no signalised crossing on Centre Road between Jasper Road and Tucker Road. 

By building a new pedestrian crossing, we’ll improve walkability in the area by providing residents, public transport users and the wider community with a safe place to cross the road. 

Project timeline

We are in the development stage for this project and are investigating a suitable option to improve safety and connectivity on Centre Road.   

Construction is expected to begin in early 2025. We’ll notify the community ahead of any works taking place. 

Improving active transport

Walkable communities are important to creating liveable and vibrant neighbourhoods and contribute to happy and healthy lives for the people that live in them.

Improving walking and bike riding connections that enable more Victorians to walk or get on their bike for everyday trips supports the Victorian Government’s Climate Change Pledge of 25% active transport mode share by 2030.

If 50% of short private vehicle trips were switched to walking or riding a bike, the Victorian economy would save $165 million every year in congestion, health, infrastructure, and environmental costs.

Contact us

To find out more about the project, please contact us. 

Email: [email protected] 


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