Kangaroo Ground - St Andrews Road upgrade

We're introducing safety improvements along Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Road between Eltham-Yarra Glen Road and Heidelberg-Kinglake Road.

Project update - January 2017

Works have started to deliver safety improvements throughout the Nillumbik area. This includes installing flexible safety barriers, guard fencing and other road safety treatments to prevent vehicles from running off the road.

In order to complete these works, we have started removing a number of trees in the area. We take this process seriously and have undertaken careful planning to avoid unnecessary environmental impacts. 

A total of 32 trees will be removed along Eltham-Yarra Glen Road and 49 trees will be removed from Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Road. These trees are located within the clear zone area, as measured from the traffic lane edge line, and are considered hazards which require removal.

Some of the trees being removed are growing directly under powerlines and require extensive maintenance, or are growing within the road footprint, and have the potential to grow into the roadway and traffic lane space. 

Works are expected to be completed by the end of January.

Please note that the works are subject to weather conditions, and will be moved to the next available date if necessary. 

Next steps

We understand and share the value the community places on flora and fauna. As with all major projects, we need to balance the need to remove trees and the environmental impact, with the need to improve road safety and journey reliability.

We're committed to protecting the Nillumbik area and do this with the help and input of the community and environmental specialists, as well as implementing strict management plans. 

We plan to give back to the environment in the following ways:
  • tree heads and leaves will be mulched or chipped, and used in local schools and communities.
  • high quality wood will be left within the road reserve for habitat where practicably possible.
  • fauna crossings will be built along the roadside.
  • nest boxes will be installed to replace hollow bearing trees that were removed.

We'll work closely with the local community at each stage of the project to ensure we meet our environmental commitments and will provide regular updates as the project progresses.

If you're interested in receiving these updates please email us.


  • Tree removal: early January - late January
  • Sign replacements: late January - mid February
  • Barrier installation: mid February

Project background

The Victorian Government has allocated $6.2 million to the project as part of the Safer System Road Infrastructure Program (External link).

Project details

Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Road has a history of crashes, where drivers have lost control of their vehicles and struck roadside hazards.

To improve safety along this road, we’re introducing:

  • flexible safety barriers and guard fencing
  • centre line rumble strips
  • additional signage

Project benefits

Safety measures we implement along the road will:

  • prevent out-of-control vehicles from running off the road
  • prevent head on collisions
  • raise driver awareness of road curves and hazards
  • reduce the severity of crashes

We appreciate your feedback

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the community engagement activities for this project.

We’ve compiled a community feedback report which provides a summary of the feedback we received and how we have incorporated it into the final design.

The final design is based on safety, environment and emergency access for the local and wider community. We will provide regular updates as the project progresses.

To view the full history of our community involvement for this project, see below.

We’ve invited the community to hear about the project and view the proposed options.

We’ve provided information, gathered local knowledge and listened to thoughts, ideas and feedback in the following ways: 

  • Project web page and email address
  • Two community information sessions at Kangaroo Ground in April 2015
  • Community information session at Christmas Hills in March 2016
  • Community information session at St Andrews in March 2016
  • Warrandyte Festival stall in March 2016
  • St Andrews Community Association meeting in April 2016
  • One on one and community group meetings either on site or at office.

Original design

Road name
Wire Rope Safety Barrier
Guard Fence
 Ezy Guard
Total Barrier Length
Number of Trees Affected
Total Estimated Cost
 CRF (%) & BCR
Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Road
800m 4,500m 7,600m 52 $2,715,000



Final design

Road name
Wire Rope Safety Barrier
Guard Fence
Ezy Guard
Total Barrier Length
Number of Trees Affected
Total Estimated Cost
CRF (%) & BCR
Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Road
3,142m 4,890m 49 $2,215,000



To view the plans click on the PDFs below. Detailed design drawings are available upon request.

Kangaroo Ground St Andrews Road from Eltham-Yarra Glen Road to 2900 KG SA Road [PDF 5.7Mb]

Kangaroo Ground St Andrews Road from 2900 Kangaroo Ground St Andrews Road to Bishops Road [PDF 4.9Mb]

Kangaroo Ground St Andrews Road from Bishops Road to Varga Road [PDF 5.5Mb]

Kangaroo Ground St Andrews Road from Varga Road to Heidelberg-Kinglake Road [PDF 5Mb]

Contact us

For more information please contact us:

Write: VicRoads 499 Ballarat Road, Sunshine 3020
Phone03 9313 1227

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