Keilor Road Grange Road Newman Street intersection Niddrie

We’re upgrading these busy and complex intersections which connect to the Calder Freeway and the Keilor Road shopping precinct in Niddrie.

Project background

Moonee Valley City Council initially developed a number of options to improve traffic flow and safety at the Keilor road/Newman street/Grange road intersections. We then started a comprehensive assessment into the benefits of installing traffic management treatments such as traffic lights and roundabouts.

Project details

After a detailed review of all of the potential options, we have chosen to install traffic lights at the Keilor Road/Grange Road intersection and the Keilor Road/Newman Street intersection and we’ll continue to work closely with Moonee Valley City Council in seeking funding for this important project. We think it will improve safety for all road users as well as allowing for full control of all traffic movements at both intersections. 

Community consultation

In October 2015, with the support of the council and the Member for Niddrie Ben Carroll MP, we held a community meeting at Niddrie Community Hub where we listened to your concerns and feedback on a range of potential safety improvements for the intersections. The feedback included suggestions of new roundabouts, traffic lights and modifications to existing traffic signs.

We asked the community to consider four different improvement options for the intersections. Feedback indicated overwhelming support for adding traffic lights at both the Keilor Road/Grange Road intersection and the Keilor Road/Newman Street intersection. 

View Keilor Rd  \ Newman St \ Grange Rd intersections, Niddrie Report [PDF, 476Kb]

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