Keilor Road Grange Road Newman Street intersection Niddrie

We’re upgrading these busy and complex intersections which connect to the Calder Freeway and the Keilor Road shopping precinct in Niddrie.

Project update - July 2018

Night works to install traffic loop detector systems

We’re doing night works on Keilor Road at the intersections of Newman Street and Grange Road for up to four nights between 23 July and 3 August from 9pm – 5am.

These works will involve closing the:

  • Keilor Road exit ramp from the Calder Freeway for the first night of work
  • Newman Street and Keilor Road intersection for 2 nights
  • Grange Road and Keilor Road intersection for 2 nights

During these night works we’ll be saw-cutting the road and installing traffic loop systems, which sit beneath the road, detect vehicles and connect in with the traffic signals. 

What to expect

  • To reduce impacts from medium-high level noise, we’ve planned saw-cutting at the beginning of the shifts. You may notice bright lights from the work area.
  • There will be signed detours in place, so plan ahead and allow extra travel time.

Upcoming July road resurfacing works moved to August

We are on track to complete the project by the end of August. We have rescheduled the final road resurfacing and line markings to occur in August, due to the cold weather conditions.

The new traffic lights at the Keilor Road, Newman Street and Grange Road intersections will be turned on from early August.

Project background

The Victorian Government is upgrading the intersections on Keilor Road at Newman Street and Grange Rd, in Niddrie.

Both are busy and complex intersections connecting to the Calder Freeway, Keilor Road shopping precinct and residential areas either side of the freeway. Each day around 10,000 vehicles travel on Keilor Road between Grange Road and Newman Street, which is the gateway to the busy Niddrie shopping precinct.

At the moment, there is no roundabout or traffic lights to manage traffic for the area, which often leaves it open to drivers to take unnecessary risks.

Moonee Valley City Council initially developed a number of options to improve traffic flow and safety. We then undertook a comprehensive assessment on the benefits of installing traffic management treatments such as traffic lights and roundabouts.

Artist impressions 

To see  out how these improvements will look from now to the completion of the project, select either of the links below.

Keilor Road and Newman Street intersection
Keilor Road and Grange Road intersection


artist impression of aerial view of Newman Street intersection

artist impression of aerial view of Newman Street, Keilor Road and Calder Freeway intersections     





Caption: The future Keilor Road and Newman Street intersection

Project details

After a detailed review of all of the potential options, we have chosen to install two new sets of traffic lights to help vehicles entering and exiting the Keilor Road and Newman Street, and Keilor Road and Grange Road intersections.

These upgrades will:

  • improve traffic flow for the Calder Freeway ramps
  • increase safety through controlling the movement of the intersections to allow for regulated traffic flow 
  • improve safety for drivers and pedestrians
  • reduce the likelihood and severity of crashes.


artist impression of Keilor Road turnoff from Grange Road aerial view

artist impression of Keilor Road turnoff from Grange Road  





Caption: The future of Keilor Road and Grange Street intersection

Community consultation

In October 2015, with the support of the Moonee Valley City Council and MP Ben Carroll State Member for Niddrie, we held a community meeting at the Niddrie Community Hub where we listened to your concerns and feedback on a range of potential safety improvements for the intersections. The feedback included suggestions of new roundabouts, traffic lights and modifications to existing traffic signs.

We asked the community to consider four different improvement options for the intersections. Feedback indicated overwhelming support for adding traffic lights at both the Keilor Road/Grange Road intersection and the Keilor Road/Newman Street intersection. 

View Keilor Rd  \ Newman St \ Grange Rd intersections, Niddrie Report [PDF, 476Kb]

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