Livingstone Street Pedestrian Operated Signals

Works are scheduled to begin in early 2020 on the new pedestrian crossing on Livingstone Street, in Ivanhoe. 

Project update

This project will provide a safer crossing and connect the bike trail along Donaldson Creek for a more integrated cycling network.

This project includes: 

  • Installing new pedestrian operated signals with bicycle lanterns on Livingstone Street, between Dudley Street and Wallace Street, in Ivanhoe. 
  • Removing the existing centre median, implementation of short bicycle lanes with head start boxes for eastbound and westbound cyclists, installing static signs, line marking and asphalt resurfacing works. 

During these works the impacts may include:

  • Temporary lane closures and reduced speeds through the area while crews are working 
  • potential delays to traffic and pedestrian movements
  • potential delays to the Route 510 bus service
  • signed detours for cyclists and pedestrians
  • some dust and noise from construction.

Our crews will be working during the off peak times of 9:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday. If necessary, there may be some weekend work.

Project background

Pedestrians and cyclists are vulnerable road users, therefore creating safer crossing opportunities will help save lives and encourage people to walk where they need to go. 

The new pedestrian operated signals will provide a safe crossing for school children in the area, while connecting to the bike trail along Donaldson Creek for a more integrated cycling network. When completed, the Livingstone Street pedestrian operated signal will mean safer journeys for cyclists and pedestrians travelling along the bicycle trail along Donaldson Creek.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Project Engineer Jelena Wolosz on 9313 1181 or email [email protected]


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