M80 Ring Road upgrade

We’re completing a $2.25 billion upgrade of the M80 Ring Road from the Princes Freeway to Greensborough Highway.

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M80 upgrade alerts

What’s happening on the Sunshine to Calder section?

We’re in the last stages of this project with significant progress on the bridge and lanes under Keilor Park Drive.

In recent months, we’ve been forging ahead getting the project done.

  • We’ve replaced expansion joints to cater to a wider EJ Whitten Bridge
  • We have strengthened the bridge to prepare to widen it. On 26 March we installed the last massive bridge beam.
  • We’re installing the new bridge deck in sections and are concreting it into place
  • We’re replacing the bridge bearings, as the wider bridge needs more support. 

Go behind the barriers to see expansion joint works in January -

Most of these works occur behind safety barriers out of sight. We also schedule disruptive works at night to minimise traffic congestion. These mean you are less likely to see the project's progress or even to see workers. 

On 26 March we installed the last of the beams on EJ Whitten Bridge that will support new lanes. From 8pm to midnight, the 70-ton structure was moved and lowered into place. 

Have a behind the barriers look at these works -


In the next few months you’ll notice more works:

  • switching traffic; moving traffic from the existing lanes to the newer lanes to allow us to lay asphalt. 
  • asphalting; bringing all lanes up to a consistent, quality surface
  • line marking; replacing temporary construction yellow lines with permanent white lane marking
  • installing overhead gantries; to provide signage for variable speed limits

We appreciate your patience with the works and late changes caused by cold nights and poor weather.

We’re ahead of the original schedule and weather permitting, we expect to finish early. The original finish date was early 2019, but we expect to have all works complete by the end of 2018.

About the M80 Ring Road upgrade project 

We are increasing the freeway’s capacity and improving safety. This will mean better traffic flow for you and more reliable travel times.

We're also installing a new freeway management system to help us better manage the road. You can expect to see:

  • overhead speed limit and lane use signs
  • traffic signals on ramps, controlling the flow of traffic onto the freeway 
  • variable message signs to let you know what's happening on the road ahead

  • CCTV cameras to enable us to track traffic and incidents

The project will be completed in 7 sections with 3 already completed. The overall project is expected to be complete by late 2021.

Image of M80 Ring Road upgrade project overview map
View a larger version of the M80 Ring Road Upgrade project overview map [JPEG 737Kb]


 Sunshine Avenue to Calder Freeway (underway)

We're currently upgrading this section of the M80 Ring Road. Once completed, you’ll see:

  • 4 lanes in each direction between Sunshine Avenue and EJ Whitten Bridge
  • 5 lanes in each direction across the EJ Whitten Bridge through to the Calder Freeway
  • an upgraded shared use path and public safety barriers on the EJ Whitten Bridge

We've created a safe work zone on the EJ Whitten Bridge with safety barriers, yellow line marking and reduced speed limits.

We expect to complete construction of this section by late 2018.

View the EJ Whitten Bridge crane animation video (External link)

Princes Freeway to the Western Highway (start mid 2018)

This 7.9 km upgrade will include:

  • widening the road from 3 lanes to 4 lanes in both directions
  • widening and lengthening of entry and exit ramps to reduce merging times
  • upgrading the interchange at Boundary Road and Fitzgerald Road.
  • upgrading the Princes Freeway and M80 Ring Road interchange to provide new ramps. 

These upgrades will:

  • improve access to the M80 Ring Road for freight coming from Laverton North and create better connections with major freeways and the future West Gate Tunnel (External link) 

We've requested your feedback on this section on the M80 upgrade and we expect construction to begin in early 2018.

To discover more about this project visit M80 Ring Road upgrade: Princes Freeway to Western Highway

Plenty Road to the Greensborough Highway (start early 2019)

This 2.4 km upgrade will include:

  • additional lanes in each direction 
  • improvements to the Greensborough Highway interchange

Sydney Road to Edgars Road (start early 2019)

This 4 km upgrade will include: 

  • adding a new lane in each direction
  • widening and lengthening  entry and exit ramps to reduce merging times
  • new separate carriageways to help remove dangerous weaving

More information about Plenty Road to Greensborough Highway and Sydney Road to Edgars Road will become available closer to construction.

Calder Freeway to Sydney Road (completed May 2013)

The Calder Freeway to Sydney Road section of the M80 Ring Road upgrade included:

  • at least 3 lanes in each direction and up to 6 lanes between some interchanges
  • a new citybound entry ramp onto the Tullamarine Freeway for traffic heading west
  • safety improvements at several ramps
  • a new bridge over Moonee Ponds Creek for Greensborough-bound traffic
  • widening of Sydney Road between north of Camp Road / Mahoneys Road and Anderson Road
  • planting and feature walls to create an exciting new look and feel to the road.

Western Highway to Sunshine Avenue (completed August 2013)

The Western Highway to Sunshine Avenue section of the M80 Ring Road Upgrade included:

  • 4 lanes in both directions, and 5 lanes westbound between Western Highway and Tilburn Road
  • bridge widening and strengthening 
  • resurfacing works to create a safer driving environment

Edgars Road to Plenty Road (completed April 2014)

The Edgars Road to Plenty Road section of the M80 Ring Road Upgrade included:

  • 3 lanes each way plus a fourth lane between interchanges
  • bridge widening and strengthening 
  • resurfacing works to create a safer driving environment
  • planting and feature walls, to create a new look and feel to the road.

Contact us

Got a question about any of the works taking place on the M80 Ring Road? Here’s how to contact us:

Email:  [email protected]

Write:  3 Bristol Street, Essendon Fields, VIC 3041

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