Maroondah Highway (Black Spur) tree removal and safety works

We’re working to improve safety for all road users on Maroondah Highway (Black Spur) between Healesville and Narbethong.

Project update - June 2020

To keep everyone safe on the road, we’ve safely completed the removal and pruning of 167 trees. 

To minimise construction impacts to local communities and commuters, we also brought forward planned safety improvement works to coincide with the road closure for tree removal works.

Motorcycle safety improvements

Funded by the TAC’s Motorcycle Levy Program, we’ve delivered motorcycle safety improvements along the Black Spur.

This includes:

  • installing advisory speed signs and yellow directional signs to help riders know which bends are approaching
  • installing new guide posts
  • installing protective features to improve safety on existing guard fences
  • improving line marking and installing reflective road markers
  • extending the safety barrier at a high-risk location near Dom Dom Saddle

Road maintenance

As part of our road maintenance program, we have repaired and patched locations along the Black Spur. We listened to community feedback and asphalted a number of slow vehicles pull over areas.

We’ve also completed roadside maintenance which includes tidying up the debris and cleaning drainage. 

Later this year when the weather warms up, we’ll resurface 5km from the Fernshaw picnic ground to the Dom Dom Saddle picnic ground and renew signage at the same time.  

Additional works 

In late July, we’ll be installing permanent electronic signs at 3 locations in Healesville. These signs will provide messages to road users about any planned or unplanned road closures on the Black Spur, when required.

Project background

Following a series of serious incidents that involved trees falling on the Spur, we engaged an independent arborist to assess all trees within 20 metres of the centreline of the road, between Healesville and Narbethong. 

Our original assessment identified that 98 trees are considered by the arborist as unstable and need to be removed, while a further 28 need to have large limbs pruned to maintain public safety.

As our crews have been working to remove these trees, they have identified additional unstable trees that were previously not mapped.  

As a result, we commissioned an arborist to undertake a detailed assessment. They advised the need to remove an additional 29 trees that are unstable and 12 that need large limbs removed.

Whilst we had the road closed for tree removal works, we have brought forward planned safety improvement works to minimise traffic impacts to all road users.

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