Melton Highway/Sunshine Avenue and Old Calder Highway/Sunshine Avenue intersection upgrades

The Victorian Government is improving safety and traffic flow in East Keilor and Taylors Lakes with the extensive upgrade of two major intersections.

$16.86 million has been committed to upgrading the Melton Highway/Sunshine Avenue and Old Calder Highway/Sunshine Avenue intersections, improving traffic flow, and making the environment safer for all road users. This project is part of the Victorian Government’s $117 million investment in the Metropolitan Road and Intersections Upgrades program.

Project update – January 2022

To ensure we are able to start construction at the intersection, utility companies need to carefully locate and relocate their services.

Utility location and relocation work will occur in various stages between January–December 2022.

We will keep you informed of further developments and we thank you for your patience as we begin to deliver this important project. 

What we’re doing

We’ll be making the following improvements at the intersections to improve traffic flow and road safety:

  • removing two roundabouts and installing new traffic signals
  • removing existing pedestrian crossings and installing new pedestrian crossings at signals
  • reconstructing new bus stops on Sunshine Avenue
  • improving pedestrian facilities 
  • improving cycling facilities  
  • resurfacing the roads
  • constructing new underground drainage and upgrading existing drainage 
  • constructing new shared user paths and footpaths
  • improving line marking 
  • removing existing and installing new street lighting. 


Currently, drivers are waiting long periods at the roundabouts due to large traffic volumes. This causes traffic to bank up and creates congestion during peak hour.

Both the Melton Highway/Sunshine Avenue roundabout and the Old Calder Highway/Sunshine Avenue roundabout connect the community to the Calder Freeway, other Western suburbs, schools and childcare centres and the large Watergardens Shopping Centre.

Melton Highway:

  • Melton Highway is an arterial road in the East/West direction
  • it is a two-way road with two lanes in each direction, increasing to three lanes on the approach to the Melton Highway/ Sunshine Avenue roundabout
  • Melton Highway carries around 37,000 vehicles on average per day of which 2.4% are heavy vehicles.

Sunshine Avenue: 

  • Sunshine Avenue is an arterial road in the North/South direction
  • it is a two-way road with two lanes in each direction 
  • Sunshine Avenue carries 21,000 vehicles on average per day of which 4% are heavy vehicles.

Old Calder Highway:

  • Old Calder Highway is an arterial road in the East/West direction 
  • it is a two-way road with one lane in each direction 
  • Old Calder Highway carries 7,700 vehicles on average per day of which 5% are heavy vehicles.

There have been seven serious accidents and 16 ‘other injury’ crashes within and on the approach to the two roundabouts (in the 5-year period ending November 2019).

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Project Timeline
Milestone Title Milestone Description Milestone Status (Completed/Current/Upcoming
Pre-construction works January 2022–January 2023 Current
Final detailed design August 2022 Upcoming
Tender advertised February 2023 Upcoming 
Tender awarded April 2023 Upcoming 
Practical completion June 2024 Upcoming 

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