Monash Freeway noise wall replacement

The Victorian Government has invested $1.85 million to replace 500m of noise walls along the Monash Freeway in Mulgrave.

Update - May 2023

We have completed noise replacement works on the Monash Freeway between Blyth Place to Hayman Terrace.

As works progressed, we replaced an additional 120m section of noise wall that needed replacing. 

Project details

We replaced approximately 620m of the existing noise wall along the Monash Freeway, from Blyth Place to Hayman Terrace.

As part of these works, we:

  • Removed the posts and panels of the existing noise walls.
  • Installed new galvanised steel posts and noise wall panels. 
  • Reinstated existing landscaping including grassing and shrubs.

Project benefits

We’ve delivered new noise walls that are stronger, more durable and will provide better noise protection for residents into the future.

Completed Monash Freeway Noise wall replacement

Section of completed noise wall

Monash Freeway noise wall replacement map

View a larger version of the map

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