Monash Freeway noise wall replacement

The Victorian Government is investing $1.85 million to replace 500m of noise walls along the Monash Freeway in Mulgrave.

What are we doing

We’re replacing approximately 500m of the existing noise wall along the Monash Freeway; from Blyth Place to Hayman Terrace.

As part of these works, we will be:

  • Removing the posts and panels of the current noise walls.
  • Excavating in preparation for the new noise walls.
  • Installing new galvanised steel posts and noise wall panels. 

The new noise walls will ensure that we are able to continue providing residents with noise protection into the future.

Monash Freeway noise wall replacement map

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When to expect us

Site establishment works will be undertaken from 12 December to 16 December. These works include laying an extra layer of gravel within the utility corridor between residential properties and the noise walls to protect Melbourne Water assets during the noise wall replacement.

The noise wall replacement works are expected to begin in mid-Jan 2023 and be completed by Friday 31 March 2023. Crews will be working on the nature strip along the Monash Freeway. 

Crews will be working on the nature strip along the Monash Freeway. They’ll be working Mondays to Fridays between 7am and 5.30pm and, on Saturdays between 7am and 2.30pm.

How will these works impact you

Whilst we undertake site establishment works, you may notice some noise and dust as the trucks work gradually to lay the gravel within the utility corridor.  

There will be periods during the noise wall replacement works where the removed sections of the wall will be left open while we work to install the new noise wall. 

During these works, you can expect increased noise levels and possibly some dust. To help minimise noise levels and any dust as much as possible, our Contractor will:

  • not remove more than 100m of the existing noise wall at a time.
  • apply water sprays to works involving dust.

Contact us

For further information, please email: [email protected]


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