Monash Freeway upgrade

We’re making your journey quicker, easier and safer on the Monash Freeway, from Warrigal Road in the west to Cardinia Road in the east.

What we’re doing

After widening 30 kilometres of road in Stage 1 of the Monash Freeway upgrade, we’re starting work on Stage 2.

In 2018, we’ll:

  • add smart road technology to the Monash Freeway, between South Gippsland Freeway and the Beaconsfield Interchange.

From  2019, we’ll start work to widen two more sections of the freeway between:

  • Warrigal Road in Chadstone and Eastlink in Noble Park
  • Clyde Road in Berwick and Cardinia Road in Pakenham.

About the freeway widening

Works will add more lanes to the freeway, freeing up your journey:

  • in the west, over 17 kilometres of new lanes between
    • Warrigal Road and Eastlink outbound
    • Eastlink to Springvale Road inbound
  • in the east, 19 kilometres of new lanes, each way from Clyde Road to Cardinia Road.

And to make it easier for you to get on and off the freeway, we’ll also:

  • connect Police Road to the freeway with an outbound on-ramp
  • connect the Jacksons Road outbound directly to Eastlink with a separate road
  • add an extra lane in each direction on O'Shea Road between Clyde Road and Soldiers Road
  • upgrade the Beaconsfield Interchange:
    • extend O'Shea Road so it joins the interchange
    • add an inbound freeway off-ramp
    • add an outbound freeway on-ramp
  • build shared-user path on O'Shea Road from Clyde Road to the Beaconsfield Interchange 
  • add new bus facilities on O'Shea Road.

Project benefits

When the Monash Freeway upgraded is complete, your journey will be quicker, easier and safer. No matter where you travel along the freeway, you’ll:

  • enjoy better and more reliable travel times
  • experience better connections to where you’re going
  • benefit from: 
    • better transport connection for jobs and opportunities in and around Melbourne
    • improved links for freight and major destinations across greater Melbourne
    • improved safety and a decrease in serious crashes.

Find out more about the Monash Freeway upgrade in the video below.

Project background

More than 470,000 trips are made on the Monash Freeway each weekday. Heavy congestion in peak periods causes delays and crashes. With our population continuing to grow, the freeway and its connecting roads need to meet our increasing demand. 

In stage one of the project, around 30 kilometres of extra traffic lanes were added to the Monash Freeway. This included widening the freeway; 

  • from four lanes to five, each way, between EastLink interchange and South Gippsland Freeway
  • from two lanes to three lanes, each way, between South Gippsland Freeway and Clyde Road in Berwick.
  • Smart road technologies have also been added from Warrigal Road to the South Gippsland Freeway. 

A further $711 million has been invested to upgrade sections of the freeway to the east and west.

With Stage 1 of the upgrade complete, we’re starting work on Stage 2.

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