Montrose Intersection Upgrade

To help ease congestion and improve traffic flow we’re planning to upgrade the Montrose intersection by removing the roundabout and installing new traffic lights and lanes. 

Project Update - April 2021

Thank you to every community member that took the time to provide feedback on the new design for the Montrose intersection upgrade or attended one of our online information sessions held in December 2020. 

We’ve been busy reviewing all the individual feedback received through our social channels, project mailbox and feedback forms. 

There was a significant amount of feedback provided to us and we’ve spent the early part of this year responding to and meeting with as many individuals as possible to help answer further questions and clarify important details about the project. 

From the feedback we received, we identified that there may be further questions from the community about the new design and as a result we’ve put together a detailed fact sheet that aims to answer as many of these questions as possible. 

The Montrose roundabout intersection Fact Sheet can be found here [PDF 135 Kb]

We’ve also prepared a community engagement report that summarises the feedback we received from our online consultation sessions, key stakeholder meetings, social channels, feedback forms and project mailbox. 

A link to the report can be found here [PDF 446 Kb].

We are continuing to meet with key stakeholders and community members as we aim to finalise our design and move into the detailed planning stage of the project. 

If you wish to provide feedback at any stage, please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible. 

About the Project

To help ease congestion and improve traffic flow, the Australian Government is investing $44.5 million to upgrade Canterbury Road between Bayswater and Montrose. 

As part of this upgrade, we’re proposing to upgrade the Montrose roundabout to a signalised intersection, adding new lanes and providing dedicated turning lanes on all approaches. 

The new lights will ensure a smoother journey during peak periods and provide safer crossings for the local community to access the Montrose township.

Since our initial consultation with the community in December 2017, we have heard and share, the community’s wish to make sure the upgrade fits in with the character and needs of Montrose.

We understand how important it is to local people that we work as hard as we can to keep as many trees as possible.

That’s why we’ve refined our design to reduce tree losses, improve local amenity and create a safer, more pedestrian friendly, Montrose township.

Artist impression images of what the upgrade will look like are shown below.

Montrose roundabout vegetation

Completed Montrose roundabout

Montrose roundabout aerial view

Project scope

The updated design includes:

  • Replacing the Montrose roundabout with traffic signals. 
  • Providing an additional through lane in the inbound and outbound direction 
  • Providing dedicated right turn lanes and left slip lanes for all approaches
    • Providing an additional third lane outbound from the Canterbury Road and Mount Dandenong Road intersection, through the Montrose Road intersection and returning to two lanes after the Leith Road crossing
  • Extra third lane outbound on Mt Dandenong Road between Canterbury Road and Montrose Road 
  • New pedestrian signalRelocating the existing pedestrian crossing on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road closer to Devenish Avenue with better connection to the local shopswith better connection
  • Formalising traffic movements on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road with a dedicated right turn lane provided at Devenish Avenue
  • Saving more than 60 trees with additional planting and landscaping to occur
  • New trees planted in the centre median on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road and retaining the existing centre median trees. 
  • Improved community facilities and landscaping including a carefully landscaped boulevard along Mount Dandenong Tourist Road. 
  • New pedestrian crossing on Canterbury Mount Dandenong Road atnear Stradbroke Road with improved access to the CFA. 

A map of the new design is shown below:

Montrose intersection upgrade 

View a larger version of the map

Get in touch

For more information about this project, please get in touch.

Email: [email protected]

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