Mount Dandenong Tourist Road safety improvements project

We’re improving safety on Mount Dandenong Tourist Road by creating more safe riding space for cyclists.

Project background

The 22km Mount Dandenong Tourist Road crosses the Dandenongs from Burwood Highway in Upper Ferntree Gully to Mount Dandenong Road in Montrose.

It’s a key link for tourists to the many parklands and hiking trails, as well as being the gateway to the townships of Montrose, Olinda and Sassafras. 

It also serves as a popular training route for both professional and amateur road cyclists and provides access to numerous businesses and homes.

About the project

This project will involve safety improvements that will create more clear space for cyclists on selected uphill sections. The selected sections are at:

  • Tremont between Janiesleigh Road and Churchill Drive
  • Sassafras between One Tree Hill Road and The Crescent.

We’re committed to working towards a design that retains all trees. 

We’ve selected these sections after feedback from key stakeholders, technical investigations and to avoid significant environmental and cultural heritage impacts. 

The key features of this safety improvement project include:

  • adding a 1.5m wide sealed shoulder along uphill sections
  • reconfiguring the lanes to create more space for road users and avoid tree impact
  • installing new cycling rest areas near One Tree Hill Road and The Crescent
  • improving or reshaping existing drainage
  • rebuilding impacted property driveways
  • investigating the possibility of cyclist activated signage and installation locations.

Mount Dandenong Road Safety improvements map

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Mount Dandenong Road Tourist Road safety improvements Treemont section

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Mount Dandenong Road Tourist Road safety improvements Sassafras section Location 1

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Mount Dandenong Road Tourist Road safety improvements Sassafras section

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Project benefits

This project aims to: 

  • improve safety for all road users
  • reduce the risk and severity of crashes, if they occur
  • make it easier for those considering a healthier, sustainable transport option
  • reduce congestion for the local community and commuters
  • create a more enjoyable experience for all road users on a scenic and iconic road.

Have your say

We held a community information session at Ferny Creek on 5 December 2019.  The session was attended by around 60 members of the local community, from all walks of life.

To assist attendees with understanding the proposed treatments, we displayed maps, planned designs, photos and artist impressions. 

What we heard

We wanted to hear about the experience of locals and visitors to better understand what was most important to them and inform the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road safety improvement project. We also wanted to get feedback on the proposed cyclist rest areas and the cyclist warning signs.

Members of the community told us that  they felt it was very important to maintain the character of  the Dandenongs. The local community expressed strong interest in improving safety for all road users and strong interest in making sure cyclist rest areas included features such as water fountains and benches and/or tables.

In keeping with the community’s interest in maintaining the character of the Dandenongs will we will work to ensure that trees are retained and community views are incorporated into our plans.

We also asked attendees about cyclist activated signs. These signs detect the presence of cyclists and display caution messages for drivers to look out for cyclists. Of those who filled in the feedback survey, approximately 33 per cent were supportive of the cyclist activated signs, while 47 per cent told us that they did not mind either way if the signs were installed.

Next steps

Incorporating this feedback, we will continue  our investigation work and prepare a detailed design. We’ll continue to provide the community with updates on the progress of this project.

Contact us 

For more information about this project, please get in touch.
Email: [email protected]



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