Alchester Village Intersection Upgrade

We are upgrading the Mountain Highway, Colchester Road and Albert Avenue intersection in Boronia to a signalised intersection with additional lanes and safer crossings for pedestrian and cyclists.

Project Update - May 2024

Preliminary works are commencing during May, with the project expected to be complete by mid-2025.

Early works will include site investigations, site office and compound establishment, tree root investigations and establishment of bus stops for temporary and permanent relocation.

Service identification and relocation works will get underway from July to September and will include water mains, gas, electricity and telecommunication services.  

When to expect us

Early works will commence in May and construction will take approximately 10 months to complete, with the new intersection expected to be operational from mid-2025. 

We’re taking a staged approach to deliver these major works efficiently and safely, while minimising disruption to the community.

See the table below with expected timeframes for the first six months. Please note all works are subject to weather and may change based on site conditions and the contractor’s program.


Activity / impacts

May-June 2024

From May we will begin site investigations, establishing a site office and compound, and preparing to relocate a bus stop. Temporary barriers may be used to ensure this work can be performed safely.

July-Sept 2024

Service relocations begin from mid-July (including water, gas, electricity and telecommunications). We will also be widening the south-eastern leg of Mountain Highway. Temporary barriers and some traffic management will be used to enable this work to be performed safely.

Sept-Nov 2024

From mid-September, civil construction begins on the northern side of the intersection, with more significant disruptions expected. Traffic will be maintained as a 2-way, single lane arrangement with a 40 km/h speed limit through the work zone.

The majority of work will be conducted Monday to Saturday between 7am and 5pm. There may be occasions when work needs to occur outside these times. We will inform the community ahead of such circumstances.

What to expect

During working hours, traffic management and other adjustments will be required to allow the works to take place efficiently and to keep our workers and the community safe.

This may include:

  • Temporary lane closures and a reduced 40km/h speed limit through the work zone.
  • Traffic management personnel on-site to help direct drivers and pedestrians safely through the work zone.
  • Temporary traffic lights on-site at various stages of construction.
  • Medium to high noise levels at different stages, particularly when we remove the road surface – we’ll work towards minimising noise as much as possible.
  • Temporary bus stop relocations.

Support for local businesses

While we complete this important upgrade, the Alchester Village shopping precinct will remain open for business as usual throughout the construction period, with access maintained at all times for traders, suppliers and customers.

We encourage the community to continue to shop locally during works and support local businesses during this important upgrade.

Timelapse cameras

We are installing two timelapse cameras on the northern side of the intersection. These will be used for the duration of works to help us observe construction and traffic management. Data collected will be handled in accordance with the Department Of Transport and Planning Privacy Policy, which can be viewed at: Department of Transport and Planning privacy policy.

Environmental care

We have worked closely with designers, independent environmental specialists and Knox City Council to retain as many existing trees as possible, balancing this with the need to improve the intersection.

During construction, a further assessment will be carried out to determine if any vegetation marked for removal can be retained. We are also installing tree protection zones well in advance of civil works. 

Environmental sustainability is an important part of this project. We are partnering with Knox City Council on a comprehensive landscaping program once construction is complete, planting around 90 new trees and 300 shrubs and groundcovers as part of this program.

Public transport changes

Temporary bus stop relocations will be required at times during construction, impacting routes 690 and 755. Please visit to stay updated with the latest disruption information.

Project background

This project is part of the Victorian Government’s $117 million Local Road and Intersection Upgrade program, announced in the 2020/21 Budget. The program is targeting suburban roads across Melbourne, reducing bottlenecks for drivers and improving safety for all road users.

The intersection of Mountain Highway, Colchester Road and Albert Avenue is a single lane roundabout from all approaches with left turn slip lanes provided on the north-west and south-east quadrants of the intersection.

Concerns were raised by the community regarding safety at the intersection and difficulties crossing at all legs of the roundabout, particularly during peak hours.  

Based on the crash history for the five-year period ending June 2020, there were a total of four crashes at the intersection, including one crash at the Alchester Crescent and Albert Avenue intersection. The crashes involved:

  • The right turn movement at Alchester Crescent, resulting in other injury 
  • Three cross traffic movements, all resulting in other injury.

To address these issues, the Victorian Government has committed funding to replace the existing roundabout with a signalised intersection with additional lanes and new pedestrian crossings.  

Getting in touch

We’d like to thank everyone who has provided feedback on this project, either at one of our information sessions, via our Alchester Village doorknock or via social media or email.

All feedback received has helped to inform the final designs, as well as provide a clearer understanding of potential impacts and approach to construction and traffic management.

To find out more about the feedback and questions we received during the consultation process, you can view our community engagement report [PDF 652 Kb]

For more information about this project, please get in touch.

Email: [email protected]

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