Myers Creek Road motorcycle safety improvements

We’ve made Myers Creek Road safer, with funding from the Transport Accident Commissions’ Motorcycle Levy Program.

Project update - January 2021

We’ve made it safer for motorcycle riders on Myers Creek Road by delivering a number of important safety improvements. 

Works commenced in September 2020 and were completed in early 2021. 

We would like to thank the community for their patience during these works.

About the project

The 22km Myers Creek Road between Healesville and Toolangi is a popular riding route which has been identified for further infrastructure upgrades to create a safer riding environment for motorcyclists. 

In the last 5 years leading up to 2020, there has been 16 motorcycle crashes with 2 of these crashes resulting in fatalities and 9 which resulted in serious injuries. 

To improve safety for motorcyclists, we: 

  • installed protective features on existing guard fences
  • patched and repaired cracks in the pavement and sealed gravel sections of the road
  • installed advisory speed signs and yellow curve advisory signs
  • improved line-marking
  • installed new guide posts

Motorcycle Levy Program

The Motorcycle Safety Levy Program is a program of works funded by a levy on motorcyclists separate to yearly registration fees. The funds from this Levy go directly to initiatives to improve the safety of riders. These initiatives include on-road and non-road related projects.

The funding of on-road infrastructure treatments aims to reduce future crashes at locations where there has been a history of motorcycle crashes.

Too many motorcycle riders are dying or being seriously injured on our roads - and it is the responsibility of all of us, both drivers and riders, to change this.

Motorcyclists make up 1% of total road traffic, but 19% of all road user deaths. We're asking both drivers and riders to look out for each other on the road as we all work towards a future where no one is seriously injured or killed on our roads.

For further information on projects funded from the levy, please refer to the VicRoads' motorcycle safety levy

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