Nepean corridor improvements

The Nepean Corridor is an important part of Melbourne’s transport network. It covers roads, cycling paths, train and tram lines, and stretches 40km from Frankston to St Kilda Junction. Over 135,000 people travel along this corridor each day.

Project Update - March 2018

Thank you to everyone who participated in our online engagement and shared their travel experiences through the Nepean corridor. Over 2,000 people visited the online consultation, with almost 1,200 comments made on the interactive map.

Six new active electronic Real Time Information Signs will go live in the coming months to help motorists better plan their travel along the Nepean corridor. 

Now that we understand more about the journeys you make, we’ve got some new ways to get you the information you need: to plan your trip and keep you informed while you travel through the Nepean Corridor.

Using technology to keep you informed

As part of a $1.5 million Smart Journey initiative, we’re investing in ways to use technology to improve your journey experience through this corridor.

To provide good quality information we need to be able to see what is happening across the network.  Around the Nepean Corridor there are blind spots where we can’t collect enough data about current conditions.

Bluetooth Readers provide cost effective and continuous monitoring of the corridor.  A software program is used to detect the presence of Bluetooth devices in nearby vehicles and produces real time travel data, allowing us to measure actual travel times.

These readers will be installed over the coming months.

While you’re travelling

Coming soon will be new Real Time Information Signs.  Look out for these signs and listen to radio traffic updates to keep informed.  We know that frequent traffic information reduces driver frustration.

Installed at strategic locations along Nepean Hwy these signs will be used to give you important messages as you are travelling.  Using data collected from the Bluetooth readers, CCTV and VicTraffic, these signs can let you know how long it will take you to reach your destination

 Image - VMS sign showing travel time to Warrigal and Edithvale (smaller version)   

Image - VMS sign showing travel time to Mentone via Nepean Hw and Warrigal Rd (smaller version)

We can tell you when there has been an incident, major road works or road closure, and where applicable divert you to an alternative route.

Image - VMS sign showing Incident ahead left lane closed (smaller version)


And then we can use the signs to display community, road safety and other travel messages.

Image - VMS sign showing Imerge right (smaller version)


What happens next?

Real time information signs will be installed in 2018.  Use a dash mounted phone or GPS to get up to date travel information via the VicTraffic App and check our facebook page for ideas to help plan your journeys the smart way.

Contact us

Get in touch to find out more about this project How you can plan your best journey using on our Facebook page.

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