Uralla Road and Nepean Highway Intersection Upgrade

Planning is underway to improve safety and access for all road users at the Nepean Highway and Uralla Road intersection in Mount Martha.

Project update – July 2023

In May 2023, the Australian Government announced it would undertake a 90-day review of the National Infrastructure Investment Program. 
State Governments were advised that no new contracts can be entered without the express permission of the Australian Government. 

As an Australian Government-funded project, this project was subject to the review.

The 90-day review of the National Infrastructure Investment Program has now been completed and the Commonwealth Minister is working closely with jurisdictions to agree on projects for ongoing investment.

Project background 

Mount Martha is a seaside suburb on the Mornington Peninsula, approximately 80km south of Melbourne. Approximately 18,000 vehicles travel along Nepean Highway in Mount Martha every day. Uralla Road is one of the primary access points into and out of Mount Martha from the Nepean Highway. 

In the 10 years leading up to March 2020, there were 11 reported crashes at the Nepean Highway and Uralla Road intersection, of which 5 crashes resulted in serious injuries.

High traffic volumes, the downhill slope and poor visibility of vehicles due to the curve on Nepean Highway are all contributing factors to drivers experiencing difficulties in entering and exiting Uralla Road.


This project will:

  • create safer access for drivers entering into or exiting from Uralla Road.
  • improve safety for all road users, including vulnerable road users such as cyclists 
  • meet the demands of future population and economic growth in the area

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