New safer speed technology in Tyabb

We’re improving safety at intersections across Victoria, as part of Towards Zero. Side road activated speed technology is being installed to reduce the risk of crashes, without permanently lowering speeds.


We’re installing new technology at the intersection of Dandenong-Hastings Road and Oneills Road in Tyabb. Works commenced on Monday 16 September and will be completed in stages over three months.


Side road activated speed is a new technology that improves safety by temporarily lowering the speed limit when cars approach high-risk intersections.

Learn more about side road activated speeds at the Safer Roads website.

How this could impact you

Works commenced on 16 September, with crews working at various times between 7am and 7pm from Monday to Sunday.

To protect both workers and drivers, a 40km/h speed limit will be in place and a single lane will be closed during works. If you’re travelling through the area, please keep an eye out for signs and allow up to five minutes extra travel time. 


During the past five years, 70 per cent of fatal intersection crashes in regional Victoria happened on high-speed roads.

Intersections in regional areas have a greater risk due to higher travel speeds, particularly where small side roads meet main roads.


Side road activated speeds will increase safety at some of Victoria’s highest risk intersections by:

  • instructing drivers on the main road to slow down if there are other vehicles approaching from side roads or waiting to turn right from the main road at the intersection
  • giving drivers on the main road more time to react if side traffic fails to give way
  • giving drivers on side roads more time to assess gaps in traffic and enter the main road safely
  • letting drivers know they’re approaching an intersection, which will prepare them for any merging traffic
  • significantly reducing the severity of crashes due to the reduced speed limit when traffic is merging from side roads.

A similar program in New Zealand has reduced serious and fatal crashes at intersections by 89 per cent since 2012

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