Nicholson Street, between Bell Street, Coburg and Albion Street, Brunswick East – Safety Improvement Works

We’re improving safety on Nicholson Street between Bell St, Coburg and Albion Street, Brunswick East, thanks to the Australian and Victorian Government’s Road Safety Program, designed to reduce road trauma and save lives.

What we’re doing

The Department of Transport (DoT) is implementing a safer speed on Nicholson Street between Bell Street, Coburg and Albion Street, Brunswick East.

The safety improvements will include:

  • lowering the speed limit between Bell Street and Albion Street on Nicholson Street from 60km/h to 50km/h
  • extending the time-based 40km/h speed limit (currently operating between 7am and midnight along Lygon Street) north of Albion Street to Moore Street.

Nicholson Street Speed Change Map

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Previous improvements on Nicholson Street

In March 2022, DoT completed safety improvements near the intersection of Nicholson Street and Albion Street in Brunswick East. These improvements included: 

  • upgraded warning and safety signs
  • upgraded pavement line markings
  • installed rubber road cushions (speed humps) near Lyndhurst Crescent and Glenmorgan Street.

These works, including the speed change, will help slow down traffic in this area and create a safer environment for all road users. 

Nicholson Street and Albion Street Safety Improvements Map

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What to expect

The safer speed limits will be introduced from early July.

The proposed signage installation will be undertaken during the day between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and may take up to six working days to complete, weather permitting. These works can be undertaken without any traffic disruption.

Project Background

For the 5-year period ending December 2020, a total of 72 accidents were recorded on Nicholson Street between Bell Street and Albion Street, including two fatal crashes and 18 crashes resulting in serious injuries. Of these crashes, 11 involved pedestrians (of which two resulted in loss-of-life, and five resulted in serious injury) and nine involved cyclists (of which three resulted in serious injury).

DoT have previously engaged with members of the community and conducted on-site walking meetings to discuss safety concerns along Nicholson Street from Bell Street to Blyth Street. 

As a result of these stakeholder meetings, DoT has developed and delivered several changes to improve road safety on Nicholson Street. 

DoT will continue to monitor the effects of these upgrades to ensure adequate safety improvements have taken place on Nicholson Street.

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