North east truck curfew trial

In August 2015, truck curfews were introduced on key arterial routes in Melbourne’s north east, including Rosanna Road, Lower Plenty Road, Waterdale Road, Waiora Road and Bolton Street as part of a 12-month trial.

Project update - March 2017

Changes to the curfew

The curfews will remain in place across the north east. The weight restriction of 4.5 tonnes that was initially put in place will now be amended to allow freight vehicles of 16.5 tonnes to access the roads below:
  • Greensborough Highway – Rosanna Road (Grimshaw Street to Banksia Street)
  • Lower Plenty Road (Greensborough Highway to Waiora Road)
  • Waiora Road (Kingsbury Drive to Bell Street)
  • Waterdale Road (Kingsbury Drive to Bell Street)
  • Lower Plenty Road – Main Road (Wattletree Road to Greensborough Highway)
  • Para Road (Grimshaw Street – Lower Plenty Road)
  • St. Helena Road – Karingal Drive
  • Bolton Street
  • Ryans Road - Wattletree Road.
The truck curfews will run daily from 10pm – 6am. Trucks making local deliveries will be exempt from the curfews. 

Map showing road affected by the North East Truck night curfews (small)

View larger version of North East Truck Curfew map [JPEG 437Kb]

Community consultation

During 2016 we consulted the community, council and industry. 

The purpose of the community consultation was to gather feedback and insight from those affected by the curfews. The feedback we received helped us shape the changes that were made to the curfew.

The community report can be seen below in the document library.

Community Reference Group meetings

The Community Reference Group (CRG) was made up of self nominated representatives from industry, councils and the community. The groups aim was to discuss the future of the curfew and how best to strike a balance between residents concerns and the needs of industry.

The first CRG meeting was held on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 in Macleod and the second was held on Monday, 21 November 2016 in Preston. Options for the life of the curfew were discussed as well as, network traffic movements and safety issues on Rosanna Road.

The minutes can be found in the document library below.

Document Library

Community Reference Group

North East Truck Curfew Agenda [PDF 195Kb]
North East Truck Curfew Overview [PDF 120Kb]
North East Truck Curfew Terms of Reference Draft [PDF 134Kb]
North East Truck Curfew - Presentation to CRG May 2016 [PDF 775Kb]


Rosanna Road-Greensborough Highway - Heavy Vehicle Noise Assessment [PDF 1.7Mb]

Community feedback

Community feedback report - North East Truck Trial [PDF 409Kb]

Fact sheets 

North East Truck Curfew brochure [PDF 969Kb]

What happens next?

We will continue to monitor and assess the roads throughout Victoria on a regular basis. While the curfew trial has come to an end, the traffic flow and safety of the roads within the north east will still be subject to continual investigation.

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