Northern Trail bike path

As part of the Victorian Governments’ $15.3 million program to better connect our suburbs with safer, accessible, and more enjoyable walking and cycling paths, we will provide a safer connection along Studley Road from the front of Heidelberg Station to Darebin Street. 

Project update - June 2022

Improvements on this section will link the existing bike and pedestrian paths, providing a safer and better-connected route for families and commuters in the area.

Feedback is considered an important part of our design phase and it’s important we create improvements that are a good fit for the needs of the community and all road users.

Following additional investigations and stakeholder feedback, we will no longer develop proposals for a bike lane on Hawdon Street and Beetham Parade. 

About the project

This active transport link will provide a range of benefits to local communities that includes:

  • Safer places to walk and ride for people of varied abilities
  • Safer ways to ride to local places such as shops, schools, public transport, recreation centres, and places of work
  • A better-connected cycling network in the Banyule area
  • Healthier, more affordable, and more sustainable ways to commute.

What we are doing

As part of the Northern Trail Bike Path Project, we will: 

  • Create a 3-metre-wide Shared User Path along Studley Road, from the front of Heidelberg Station to Burgundy Street. 
  • Install bicycle lanterns and safer crossing times for pedestrians and bike riders at the Burgundy Street/ Studley Road intersection. 
  • Create a 3-metre-wide Shared User Path between Burgundy Street and Darebin Street.
  • Improve street lighting, where necessary, along the Northern Trail bike path.
  • Remove one parking space on Burgundy Street to facilitate improvements. 

Early works will begin in mid-2022 on improvements on Studley Road up to Burgundy Street (refer to below map for more information).

The additional improvements to complete the connection from Studley Road to Darebin Street will commence in 2023. 

We will notify the community ahead of these works taking place.     

Northern Trail Project map


Contact us

If you would like more information about the project, please email us on [email protected].

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