Oakleigh pedestrian safety improvements

We’re improving safety for pedestrians in Oakleigh as part of Towards Zero. 

The Victorian Government is investing $1.4 billion into Towards Zero, a plan to achieve fewer than 200 deaths by 2020 and reduce serious injuries by 15% on Victoria’s roads.

More specifically, $100 million has been allocated to making roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.


The Oakleigh Shopping Precinct and the Oakleigh Station are both areas of high pedestrian traffic. Out of a total of 44 crashes between 2011 and 2015, 23 involved pedestrians and / or cyclists. 

Road safety improvements such as better infrastructure play a vital role in decreasing incidents of road trauma. This is particularly important for vulnerable users such as pedestrians, cyclists, children and the elderly.


VicRoads, in partnership with the City of Monash, will be delivering infrastructure improvements aimed at reducing risks and improving road safety in your local streets.

Oakleigh pedestrian safety improvements map

View a larger version of the Oakleigh Town Centre Road Safety Improvements Map [PDF 1.6Mb]


We’re investing $840,000 to improve pedestrian safety in the Oakleigh Activity Centre by:

  • raising two pedestrian zebra crossings at the Station Street and Portman Street roundabout to make the crossings more visible
  • installing line-markings to define traffic lanes outside Oakleigh Market in Portman Street and Chester Street
  • modifying the Eaton Mall traffic lights at Chester Street and Porter Street to allow pedestrians to cross the road safely
  • installing a raised pedestrian traffic island at the Chester Street and Hanover Street intersection to slow drivers entering and exiting the streets
  • raising the existing zebra crossing in Hanover Street to make the crossing more visible to drivers
  • raising the pedestrian zebra crossing at the Portman Street and Hanover Street intersection to make the crossing more visible for drivers
  • installing a raised zebra crossing with flashing lights on the north side of the Hanover and Burlington Street roundabout to make those crossing more visible for drivers
  • installing flashing lights at the existing zebra crossing on the west side of the Hanover Street and Burlington Street roundabout to alert drivers when to slow down
  • installing a raised zebra crossing at the Haughton Road and Johnston Street intersection to provide pedestrians a safe way to cross the road.

Community involvement

In September 2017, the City of Monash collected feedback from the local community on potential infrastructure treatments designed to improve road safety for pedestrians within the Oakleigh Activity Centre.

The community responses were generally supportive of the proposed treatments and after considering the feedback, VicRoads and the City of Monash have agreed to progress the safety treatments.

What happens next?

Works commenced in May 2018. All safety improvements expected to be completed by the end of 2018. 

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