Palmers Road and Robinsons Road Truganina

In November 2012, the Minister for Planning approved the amendments to the relevant planning schemes to reserve land required for the project.

Map of Palmers Road and surrounding roads

Project Status

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C81 to the Melton Planning Scheme, Amendment C116 to the Brimbank Planning Scheme and Amendment C121 to the Wyndham Planning Scheme to apply a Public Acquisition Overlay to land required for the upgrade of Palmers Road and Robinsons Road, Truganina. The amendments came into operation on 15 November 2012 when notices were published in Government Gazette.

The amendments include a new incorporated document titled ‘Palmers Road and Robinsons Road Project (Sayers Road to Western Freeway, Truganina) Incorporated Document, July 2012. A copy of the Amendments can be inspected free of charge at the Department of Planning and Community Development Web site: 

Brimbank C116 Planning Scheme Amendment

Melton C81 Planning Scheme Amendment

Wyndham C121 Planning Scheme Amendment

Project Overview

The section of Palmers Road and Robinsons Road, Truganina, between Sayers Road and Western Freeway is approximately 6.5 kilometres. The recently approved amendments relate to this section of the Palmers Road Corridor. 

A separate planning process is occuring for the section between Western Freeway and Calder Freeway. VicRoads also has arrangements in place for the reservation of land for the southern section of the Palmers Road corridor between Dunnings Road and Sayers Road. Refer to Figure 1 for the overall planning process for the Palmers Road Corridor.

Currently Palmers Road and Robinsons Road, Trugania, is a two lane undivided road. The future upgrade allows for the following improvements in the 50 metre reservation:
  • Ultimate six lane divided road (three lanes each way)
  • Off road shared bicycle and pedestrian lanes on both sides of the road
  • Upgrade of intersections of Palmers Road and Robinsons Road at Boundary Road, Dohertys Road, Leakes Road and Sayers Road
  • Improved landscaping
  • Improved drainage. 
Figure 1:  Palmers Road Corridor [JPEG, 64.5Kb]

Project Need

The future upgrade will be dependent on the need and relative priority across the state. The need for a major north south arterial road linking Point Cook with Calder Park was first identified in the “Outer Western Suburbs Transportation Study” in 2001. This report involved various State Government agencies and councils in the western suburbs of Melbourne. 

Palmers Road, Robinsons Road and Westwood Drive were included as major north south routes in the 2006 “Growth Area Framework Plans” in the Melton and Wyndham Planning Schemes. Palmers Road and Robinsons Road, Truganina have also been proposed to be upgraded in Precinct Structure Plans, Outline Development Plans, Development Plan Overlays, subdivision plans and agreements with land owners.

The West Growth Corridor Plan which was released in June 2012 by the State Government and the Growth Areas Authority sets the strategic direction for future urban development in the western suburbs of Melbourne. The plans identify the Palmers Road Corridor as an “arterial road”, with the section between Western Freeway and Sayers Road also identified as a Principal Freight route.

The location of the proposed reservation has been included in more detail in the following Precinct Structure Plans which are now in the Planning Schemes: 
  • Truganina Employment PSP (2009) 
  • Robinsons Road Employment South PSP (2011) 
  • Truganina South PSP (2011)

The western suburbs of Melbourne have experienced record growth in recent years, which is expected to continue due to the expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary. This growth includes the expansion of the residential areas within the Shire of Melton and City of Wyndham. This expansion will need to be supported by suitable infrastructure to meet increased transport demand over time.

More Information

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