Plenty Road and Kingsbury Drive safety improvements

We’re improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists on Plenty Road and Kingsbury Drive in Bundoora, as part of the Australian and Victorian Government $97.2 million Targeted Road Safety Works program to deliver shovel-ready infrastructure projects and urgent road safety improvements in Victoria. 

Project Updates - May 2021

Crews will be onsite Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 3.30pm in early May 2021 with works expected to be completed in July 2021, weather permitting.

Crews will carry out works at night in late May 2021 at 8pm to 5am to minimise disruption to traffic flow during peak hours.

The northbound left lane on Kingsbury Drive will be closed from 9.30am to 3.30pm while crews complete works on the shared user path in early May 2021.

Access to businesses and homes will be maintained at all times.

If you’re travelling through the area, keep an eye out for changed traffic conditions, plan-ahead and allow for an extra five minutes travel time. 


To minimise disruption to traffic flow during peak hours, we’ll carry out night works in late May 2021.

During these works, you may notice some noise at the worksite near the intersection. Crews will track noise levels to ensure they are kept within the permitted range and ensure noise disruption is reduced where possible. 

Detour information - Plenty Road and Kingsbury Drive 

While crews carry out safety improvements, detours will in place during the construction period, with traffic controllers on-site to help you move safely through the area.

Detours will not be in place while crews carry out works on the Kingsbury Drive shared user path.

Crews are expected to use detours on Plenty Road and Kingsbury Drive in June 2021 while carrying out intersection safety improvement works.

If you’re travelling through the area, keep an eye out for signs, changed traffic conditions and traffic controllers, plan ahead and allow an extra five minutes for your journey.

We thank you for your patience while we complete these important safety improvements.

What we’re doing

To make the road environment safer for pedestrians, cyclists and students in the local area, we’ll: 

Improve safety at tram stops

  • install pedestrian fencing between the tram tracks at the tram stops at Plenty Road and Kingsbury Drive intersection to make the area safer for pedestrians
  • install “Pedestrians Give-way to Trams” signs at the tram stops at Plenty Road and Kingsbury Drive intersection, to caution pedestrians and ensure they are giving way to trams
  • widen the concrete median at the tram stops on Plenty Road to improve safety for pedestrians waiting to cross the road.

Improve safety at pedestrian crossings

  • install raised pedestrian crossings on the left turn lane on Plenty Road into Kingsbury Drive, Kingsbury Drive into Plenty Road and Ring Road into Kingsbury Drive, to make these pedestrian crossings safer for pedestrians
  • install fencing and widen the pedestrian refuge at the left turn lane on Plenty Road into Kingsbury Drive to improve safety for pedestrians waiting to cross the road
  • widen the pedestrian crossings on Plenty Road to make the road safer for pedestrians crossing the road.

Improve safety at key intersections

  • upgrade the right-turn traffic signals on Dunne Street to separate pedestrians from vehicles turning right onto Plenty Road to make the intersection safer for pedestrians crossing the road
  • install a paved shared-user path on Kingsbury Drive between Plenty Road and the Ring Road, to provide a safe route for pedestrians and cyclists traveling to and from the intersection.

Why we’re doing this

Pedestrians are completely exposed to the full force of a crash, making them some of the most vulnerable road users. In 2015, an average of 11% of deaths and serious injuries were from crashes involving pedestrians, that’s why we’re investing in road safety infrastructure to reduce the risk to pedestrians.

Infrastructure plays a vital role in preventing serious crashes. It also helps to reduce the severity of crashes when they’re unavoidable.

Mistakes happen, which as humans we can’t always avoid. What we can do is build more forgiving road infrastructure so that when a mistake does happen on the road, it doesn’t cost a life.

Nearby projects on Plenty Road

Plenty Road Safer Speed Limit Trial

We’re undertaking a trial to examine the effects of a change in speed to 70km/h along Plenty Road in Bundoora.

The trial will run from 27 January through to July 2021 and will take place between Greenhills Road and McKimmies Road, Bundoora.

Before arriving at any long-term safety solutions, we’re committed to fully understanding your experience of this section of Plenty Road. We’ll be offering a range of ways in which your opinion can be incorporated into trial outcomes during the trial.

Read more about the trial.

Plenty Road Upgrade

Major Road Projects Victoria are upgrading the Plenty Road and Bridge Inn intersection to get you home safer and sooner.

This upgrade is a vital next step for this important road corridor. When completed it'll make the journey from Mernda to Mill Park safer and quicker for the 35,000 people who rely on it every day.

Works are currently underway on Bush Boulevard to Bridge Inn Road and are expected to be complete in mid-2021.

For detailed project and disruption information, please check the Major Road Projects Victoria website.


Safer infrastructure is required for the high volume of pedestrian traffic at the intersection of Plenty Road and Kingsbury Drive, with many students accessing La Trobe University from the Route 86 tram.

Tragically between January 2015 and December 2019, 18 crashes occurred at the intersection and three crashes involving pedestrians resulted in serious injury. 

These safety improvements will encourage drivers to be extra vigilant and look out for other road users especially pedestrians and cyclists.

Plenty Road and Kingsbury Drive will be made safer thanks to a $1.7 million investment through the Australian and Victorian Government $97.2 million Targeted Road Safety Works program page.

To see the safety improvement projects in your area visit our Safer Roads interactive map.

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