Plenty Road Speed Limit Reduction Trial

From 27 January 2021, we're undertaking a 70km/h speed limit reduction trial along Plenty Road, Bundoora.

Project update

We’re undertaking the trial to examine the effects of a change in speed along Plenty Road, Bundoora. 

The trial - to run from 27 January through to June 30, 2021 - will take place between Greenhills Road and McKimmies Road, Bundoora.

Working closely with the community and other key stakeholders will be key to the trial’s success.

We will be making changes to Plenty Road in Bundoora ahead of the trial going ahead. These changes include:

  • Replacing existing speed signs
  • Installing new signs
  • Introducing a new 40km/h school time speed zone outside Parade College

Project background

One of northern Melbourne’s key transit corridors, Plenty Road will remain an important link in Melbourne’s road network.

On this section of Plenty Road particularly, road movements are complicated with multiple traffic lights, entry and exit points as well as schools and universities and the tram line in the middle of the road.

The AAMI safety survey reinforced that Plenty Road in Bundoora is a crash hotspot. Road safety is a responsibility that we share with the community – everyone has a role to play. We’re continuing to make sure our road infrastructure is safe, and we call on drivers to play their part by avoiding distraction and keeping safe distances. 

This change will improve safety for the schools, businesses and residents who live nearby, reducing the risk and severity of crashes for all road users. 

During the trial we will consult with the community to gather further insights to better understand community views along this section of Plenty Road to improve safety for all road users.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the trial, or would like to contribute your experiences based on living beside, working or travelling along the section of Plenty Road that will be monitored, please contact our team on [email protected]


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