Plenty Road Speed Limit Reduction Trial


Project update

We have completed a 6-month speed limit reduction trial on Plenty Road Bundoora. We have analysed traffic data as well as the information gathered from our online community survey and stakeholder engagement.

A decision has been made to maintain the new 70km/h speed limit on Plenty Road, from Greenhills Road to McKimmies Road.

The 40km/h zone will also remain during school times outside Parade College.

This decision was made for the safety of all road users.

What was done?

Following community concerns about road safety at this location, we undertook a six-month speed limit reduction trial on Plenty Road in Bundoora.

On 27 January 2021, we lowered the speed limit from 80km/h to 70km/h on Plenty Road between just north of Greenhills Road and McKimmies Road and lowered the school speed zone outside Parade College from 60km/h to 40km/h.

During the trial period, we examined speed and travel time using a combination of radar speed detection technology and Bluetooth stations at existing traffic signal sites, to provide us with a “before and after” comparison of traffic conditions.

Map showing location of speed limit reduction trial along Plenty Road

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We also engaged with community and key stakeholders to better understand road user experiences since the lower speed limits were introduced. The key topics covered were:
  • Plenty Road travellers’ behaviour and road usage.
  • Perceptions of the Plenty Road speed limit reduction trial and safety.
  • Actual impacts of the speed limit reduction trial on road user travel times.

What were the outcomes?

We would like to thank everybody that participated in providing valuable insights during the trial, through stakeholder interviews and the online community survey.

  • The data collection showed that travel times within the trial area are not adversely impacted by the lower speed limits.
  • That compliance to the new speed limits was generally high, however within the school speed zone at Parade College, some people were travelling above the 40 km/h limit.
  • Most road users felt that speed is a key safety factor on this road.
  • Vulnerable road users are more likely to feel safer with the reduction in speed limits.

Frequently asked questions

Check our FAQs and for more information about the trial.

Speed Limit Trial Summary Report

Review the Plenty Road Speed Limit Reduction Trial: Engagement and Summary Report, which summarises our data and engagement outcomes for the speed limit trial.

What next?

The 70km/h speed limit on Plenty Road from Greenhills Road to McKimmies Road and the 40km/h school zone speed limit outside Parade College will now remain in place.

Road safety is a responsibility that we share with the community – everyone has a role to play. By permanently reducing the speed limit we’re continuing to make sure the road environment is safe, and we call on drivers to play their part by avoiding distraction and observing safe distances.

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