Plymouth Road improvements

We’re planning to make journeys safer and smoother on Plymouth Road between Narr-Maen Drive and Yarra Road, with improvements including new traffic lights and pedestrian crossing facilities at the Kirtain Drive intersection.

Project background 

Plymouth Road is a two-way, single lane road, providing an important east-west connection between Warrandyte and Croydon. 

During morning and afternoon peak times it is heavily congested as people commute to and from local schools and shops. This makes it difficult for drivers to find safe gaps when entering and exiting the side roads between Narr-Maen Drive and Yarra Road. 

In the five years leading up to June 2020, there were five reported crashes along this section of Plymouth Road; two of which resulted in serious injuries.

This $4.4 million upgrade of Plymouth Road has been funded by the Australian Government under the Investment Road and Rail Program Urban Congestion Fund.

What we’re doing

We’re installing new traffic lights with pedestrian crossing facilities at the Plymouth Road and Kirtain Drive intersection.

In addition to new traffic lights, this improvement project will also include:

  • New line marking to create two lanes in each direction on Plymouth Road between Narr-Maen Drive and Yarra Road.
  • Part time ‘No Stopping’ zone on the northern side of Plymouth Road between Narr-Maen Drive and Yarra Road (in front of the schools)
  • Widening Golden Ridge Drive to provide a separate right turn and left turn lane for drivers exiting onto Plymouth Road
  • New underground vehicle sensors at Golden Ridge Drive and the Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School exit to activate nearby traffic lights, if there are significant delays
  • New ‘Keep Clear’ zone on Plymouth Road at the Luther College and Outer Eastern Lutheran Church entrance, near Midhurst Avenue
  • A new signalised pedestrian school crossing near Midhurst Drive to help students cross the road
  • Left turn only at the McAdam Square exit onto Plymouth Road. 
  • Raised footpaths across side roads including Sandgate Avenue. McAdams Square entrance, Golden Ridge Drive and Midhurst Avenue. 

Plymouth Road Improvements Map

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This intersection upgrade will:

  • improve safety for vulnerable road users including cyclists and pedestrians
  • improve traffic flow; the new traffic lights will be linked with traffic lights at nearby intersection to optimise efficiency.
  • provide safe access to and from side roads

Next steps

We are continuing our technical investigations to help prepare the detailed design for these improvements along Plymouth Road. Construction is expected to start in late 2022.

Get in touch

If you have any further questions or would like more information, please get in touch. 

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