Point Cook Road and Central Avenue Pedestrian Safety Improvements

We’re improving safety along Point Cook Road and Central Avenue intersection to make it safer for pedestrians, as part of the Australian Government’s Road Safety Program, being delivered in partnership with the Victorian Government. 

Project update - March 2023

We’re investigating treatments to highlight pedestrian safety at the location that will complement the potential future Point Cook Road and Central Avenue Intersection Upgrade announced by the Victorian Government and being delivered by Major Roads Projects Victoria. 

We’ll update the community on any treatments The Department of Transport and Planning will deliver in the coming months.

Projects nearby

We’re making several improvements at the intersection of Point Cook Road and Sneydes Road to improve congestion and road safety. 

Works include the installation of new traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and improved public lighting, as well as lane widening and new share user paths to make the intersection safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

To learn more about how we’re improving congestion and road safety on Point Cook Road and Sneydes Road intersection and for construction updates, please visit the project web page.


In the five-year period ending in December 2019, 12 crashes occurred at the intersection of Point Cook Road and Central Avenue that caused serious injury and one crash involved a pedestrian. Fortunately no lives were lost.  

Research shows that if a pedestrian or cyclist is hit by a car travelling at 60km/h they are unlikely to survive. In fact, a pedestrian’s or cyclist’s risk of death or serious injury increases where vehicles are traveling at speeds of 30 km/h and upwards.

Mistakes happen, which as humans we can’t always avoid. What we can do is build more forgiving road infrastructure so that when a mistake does happen on the road, it doesn’t cost a life. 

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