Point Cook Road and Sneydes Road intersection upgrade

The Victorian Government is investing $15.27 million into the intersection of Point Cook Road and Sneydes Road in Point Cook as part of a $117 million program, targeting suburban bottlenecks, and helping drivers get to their destinations sooner and safer.

What we’ll be doing

We’ll be making the following improvements at the Point Cook Road and Sneydes Road intersection to improve congestion and road safety:

  • installing new traffic lights at the intersection
  • installing pedestrian crossings at the traffic lights
  • widening of Point Cook Road traffic lanes between Jamieson Way and Gramercy Boulevard
  • resurfacing Point Cook Road between Jamieson Way and Gramercy Boulevard
  • updating line marking
  • upgrading lighting at the intersection
  • upgrading and widening shared user paths for people walking and bike riding. 

Point Cook Road and Sneydes Road intersection upgrade map

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To eliminate the risk of side impact crashes, vehicles will no longer be able to turn right across Point Cook Road. 

Our Road Safety Assessment indicates it is not safe for drivers to make these right turn movements crossing multiple lanes. 

Permanent changes to Point Cook Village:

  • Vehicles that wish to enter Point Cook Village will be able to do so as usual.
  • Vehicles exiting Point Cook Village to travel South towards Sneydes Road will need to turn left and then utilise the roundabout at Jamieson Way/ Sanctuary Lakes Boulevard.

Permanent changes to Middle Park Drive:

  • Vehicles that wish to enter Middle Park Drive will be able to do so by utilising the Jamieson Way/ Sanctuary Lakes Boulevard roundabout, heading South along Point Cook Road and turning left into Middle Park Drive.
  • Vehicles that wish to exit Middle Park Drive to travel towards Jamieson Way/ Sanctuary Lakes Boulevard will need to turn left onto Point Cook Road and then U-turn at the new signalised intersection at Sneydes Road.
Point Cook Road and Sneydes Road intersection upgrade map

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Advisory P turn 

Prior to construction starting on the intersection, the Department of Transport, with the support of Wyndham City Council, have implemented a temporary, advisory solution to assist in managing congestion and safety at the intersection during peak times.

The advisory P turn was introduced in early November 2021. 

P turns are used to reduce the long queues created by motorists waiting to do right turns at an intersection. P turns keep more cars moving more often.  

The advisory P turn signage is located on Sneydes Road just before the approach to Point Cook Road. This gives motorists an option to make a left turn from Sneydes Road into Point Cook Road and perform a U-turn movement at the Jamieson Way/ Sanctuary Lakes Boulevard roundabout, then head back South along Point Cook Road.

This movement will be beneficial especially during the peak periods when turning right from Sneydes Road into Point Cook Road is very challenging. The temporary signage will be in place until construction commences on the intersection upgrade.

Point Cook Road and Sneydes Road Intersection Upgrade Map

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Project background

This T-intersection is made up of two roads – Point Cook Road, which is an arterial road and Sneydes Road, which is a local road.

Currently, drivers are waiting long periods to turn right onto Point Cook Road from Sneydes Road due to large traffic volumes, making it difficult and unsafe for everyone attempting to turn into constantly flowing traffic. This also causes traffic to bank up and creates congestion during peak hour.

Point Cook and Sneydes Roads connect the community to the Princes Freeway, other Western suburbs, many schools and childcare centres and the large Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Precinct.

There is currently no location for people walking or bike riding to safely cross Point Cook Road between Jamieson Way and Gramercy Boulevard.

Point Cook Road has approximately 32,000 vehicles travel on it each day and Sneydes Road has approximately 11,000.

Over the five-year period to 30 June 2020, there were four major accidents recorded at this intersection, with one of those accidents resulting in serious injuries. As well as the recorded accidents, there have been numerous near misses at the intersection. 

Will community be able to provide input into the design?

Wyndham City Council and the Department of Transport have collaborated to ensure the design best suits the current and future design for the area. 

However, if you have any feedback about the design once we share it, please contact us. 

How will community be informed on project milestones or impacts?

You can sign up to receive email notifications when we update the web page. To do this follow the link to the web page and fill in your email address and click “Join”. 

We will be providing letters via mailbox drop to residents and businesses within the local area. You may also find information about the intersection upgrade via VicRoads’ Facebook page. 

I live in the area; how will this project impact me?

You may notice some work taking place over the coming months as we relocate essential services, including gas, electricity, water and telecommunications. 

When we’re closer to construction we will update the web page with construction impacts. 

We will ensure that times and dates of works are communicated to the community well in advance of works commencing. 

To stay up to date you can sign up for updates via the web page. 

Will there be delays as part of the works?

There may be slight delays when we begin construction. We will provide advance notification prior to works commencing.


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Project Timeline
Milestone Title Milestone Description Milestone Status (Completed/Current/Upcoming
Advisory P turn November 2021 Current
Final Design November 2021 Upcoming
Early works to relocate services Late 2021 Upcoming 
Major construction Mid 2022 Upcoming 
Project complete Mid 2023 Upcoming 

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