Point Nepean Road Study

VicRoads undertook a study to review current traffic and safety issues along Point Nepean Road between Rosebud and Portsea.

What is the study about?

VicRoads undertook a study to review current traffic and safety issues along Point Nepean Road between Rosebud and Portsea. The study looked at conditions in both the peak holiday period and off peak times. The aim of the study was to:
  • understand the current operational issues with Point Nepean Road
  • determine options to alleviate congestion and improve safety
  • develop a strategic plan for the future arterial road network on the southern Mornington Peninsula.

Map of Point Nepean Road  

Map of Point Nepean Road
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What are the study results?

This study has identified a short-term measure to ease congestion during peak times and improve safety by widening the intersection on Point Nepean Road and Truemans Road, Rosebud West. The widening of the intersection on Point Nepean Road at Truemans Road would reduce delays for cars and buses, improve safety for cyclists and reduce the rat-running in local streets.

VicRoads has also identified  the need for further investigation of options to improve the intersections on Jetty Road, where the Mornington Peninsula Freeway currently ends. 

The study also looked at options for the longer term development of the road network And a future inland route has been identified which would remove through traffic from Point Nepean Road, allowing priority to be given to buses, cyclists and pedestrians. The preferred option for any future inland route would be to construct a new arterial road in the existing reservation that was created many years ago for the extension of Mornington Peninsula Freeway. 

Refer to the links below for a copy of the Point Nepean Road Study.

How was the community involved in the study?

The community was invited to provide feedback to the study by:
  • engaging with VicRoads staff on site during January 2012 at Dromana, Rosebud, Rye and Sorrento
  • filling in an online survey
  • writing to, emailing or phoning the VicRoads project team.
VicRoads received over 300 responses from the community including tourists, community groups and local business owners.
We thank you for taking part in the study and providing us with insight into your local knowledge and views. The information we received was reviewed and formed an integral part of the study.

Traffic data was collected in January 2012 and 2013 as well as during August 2012 and April 2013. All traffic data was analysed and included in the study.

What are the next steps?

The identified recommendations and treatments will be considered for potential funding and prioritised state-wide with regards to other projects based on traffic volumes, crash statistics at the location, and the type of facilities in the area that already provide for road users.

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