Princes Highway Safety Improvements - Tynong North to Longwarry

From late August 2021, a safer speed of 80km/h will be introduced on the Princes Highway between Tynong North Road and the Gumbaya World entrance, and between Hope Street and Abeckett Road.

Project background

The Princes Highway is an important arterial road, servicing homes, businesses and tourist attractions along Melbourne’s expanding metropolitan fringe. 

The highway between Tynong North Road and Gumbuya World, and Hope Street and Abeckett Road have been of significant concern in recent years following a considerable increase in traffic and crashes.

Around 30,000 vehicles travel along these two sections of the Princes Highway per day, with one quarter of them being heavy vehicles.

A number of tragic crashes have occurred along this route between the Nar Nar Goon interchange and Longwarry. Between July 2015 and April 2021, there were 35 crashes along this section of road, 13 of which resulted in serious injuries and, tragically, 5 resulting in loss of life.

About the project

Preliminary investigations are currently underway into future measures that meet the needs of the local community and the safety of all road users. 

While these solutions are considered, the speed limit on the Princes Highway will be reduced from 100km/h to 80km/h along two 3km stretches – between Tynong Road North and the Gumbuya World entrance and between Hope Street and Abeckett Road.

From late August, crews will be on site to install new speed limit signs, with yellow ‘New Limit’ signs and electronic messaging boards also on site to alert drivers to the new limit.  

During works there will be safer speed limits in place to keep our crews safe and where needed, temporary lane closures.

Princes Highway speed review Tynong North to Bunyip

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Project Benefits

Speed plays a part in every crash. It isn’t always the cause, but speed does influence the severity of the outcome in an accident. These limits will increase travel times by less than 1 minute, but reduce the chance of fatal serious injuries by more than 33%.

Find out more

We will be engaging with key stakeholders with a focus on the development of medium and long-term measures to make the area safer.

To stay up to date on the latest project information, please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

This project is considered a critical infrastructure project and will continue during current COVID restrictions. Critical infrastructure projects include safety and maintenance works on roads and public transport, and road safety projects that maintain critical safe operations on the road network. To ensure the safety of all workers and the community, all construction and maintenance work undertaken during these restrictions will operate under a COVID Safe plan.

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