Protected intersection at Albert and Lansdowne Street

As part of Towards Zero, we’re creating a Victorian first protected intersection at Albert Street and Lansdowne Street in East Melbourne.


Update - November 2019

Construction of the protected intersection is due to commence in early November 2019 and will continue until mid 2020. We will let the community and business owners know about any traffic impacts prior to the start of construction.

Pop-up information stall

We’re holding a pop-up information session at East Melbourne Library to explain how the intersection will work. Drop by our session to meet the team and ask questions about this new cycling infrastructure.

When: 16 November 2019, 10am-2pm

Where: East Melbourne Library, 122 George Street, East Melbourne 


The protected intersection will make it safer and easier for people riding between the CBD and Melbourne’s inner north, and reduce the stress associated with cycling through a busy city intersection. 

What is a protected intersection?

The design includes concrete islands in each corner of the intersection that separate bike riders from other traffic, and protects pedestrians waiting to cross the road. The plans also include early start signals for both pedestrians and bike riders. 

This style of intersection is often used in countries like the Netherlands, where cycling is a popular mode of transport. 

To find out how the protected intersection will work, watch the video below.

map showing Preston to CBD Strategic Cycling Corridor - Safety Improvements (CBD Section)


View a larger version of Preston to CBD Strategic Cycling Corridor - Safety Improvements (CBD Section) map [PDF 50Kb]


We’re upgrading cycling routes across the state to make riding a safer and more appealing way to get from A to B. Cycling is growing in popularity and is a healthy and sustainable mode of transport that reduces traffic congestion and the need for on-road parking space. 

Installing safety infrastructure for cyclists is important, because they are some of our most vulnerable road users. When cyclists are involved in a crash with a vehicle, they’re at a higher risk of being severely injured or killed due to a lack of physical protection. Intersections are particularly dangerous for people who cycle, with 61% of all bicycle crashes occurring at intersections. Traveling through a busy or complex intersection can even deter cyclists from taking particular routes. That’s why we’re upgrading intersections such as Albert and Lansdowne Street to make them safer for our most vulnerable road users.

This intersection upgrade forms part of a wider plan to improve safety for cyclists traveling between Preston and Melbourne’s CBD. For details about the other improvements we’re making, click here

Working Towards Zero

This project is being funded through the Victorian Government’s $100 million Safer Cyclists and Pedestrians Fund, as part of Towards Zero. To see other Towards Zero projects happening in your area, visit the Safer Roads Portal.

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