Protected intersection at Albert and Lansdowne streets

We’ve improved safety at the Albert Street and Lansdowne Street intersection in East Melbourne, to work towards a future where no one is seriously injured or killed on our roads.


The innovative design, which is a Victorian first, includes separated and protected bike lanes with concrete kerbing and small “jelly bean” shaped traffic islands. This separates cyclists from other traffic, and protects pedestrians waiting to cross the road.

Other features include:

  • pedestrian traffic islands to allow pedestrians to cross the road safely
  • phased out traffic lights to give cyclists and pedestrians a head start on vehicle
  • coloured bicycle lanes and improved line marking to increase visibility of cyclists and safety.

What we’re doing

The Albert Street and Lansdowne Street intersection is now safer, allowing all road users to share the intersection.

This style of intersection is often used in countries like the Netherlands, where cycling is a popular mode of transport. 

To find out how the protected intersection works, watch the video below.


Cyclists and pedestrians are completely exposed to the full force of a collision, making them one of our most vulnerable road users. 

Research shows that if a cyclist or pedestrian is hit by a car travelling at 60km/h they are unlikely to survive. In fact, their risk of death or serious injury increases from crash impact speeds of 30 km/h and upwards.

Mistakes happen, as humans we can’t always avoid this. But we can make the roads we travel on safer and more forgiving for all road users.

That’s why we’re installing road safety infrastructure across Victoria to tackle the most common collisions on our roads, including the average 7% of deaths and serious injuries in Victoria that involved cyclists and 11% of crashes involving pedestrians in 2015.

To learn more about how we’re making Victorian roads safer visit our interactive safer roads website


We’re upgrading cycling routes across the state to make riding a safer and more appealing way to get from A to B. Cycling is growing in popularity and is a healthy and sustainable mode of transport that reduces traffic congestion and the need for on-road parking space. 

Travelling through a busy or complex intersection can even deter cyclists from taking particular routes. That’s why we’re upgrading intersections such as Albert and Lansdowne Street to make them safer for our most vulnerable road users.

This intersection upgrade forms part of a wider plan to improve safety for cyclists traveling between Preston and Melbourne’s CBD. For details about the other improvements we’re making, go to Inner-north Cycling Corridor.   

map showing Preston to CBD Strategic Cycling Corridor - Safety Improvements (CBD Section)  

View a larger version of Preston to CBD Strategic Cycling Corridor - Safety Improvements (CBD Section) map [PDF 50Kb]

Get in touch

For more information about this project, please get in touch.

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The Victorian Government, in partnership with TAC, is investing $1.4 billion into road safety infrastructure under Towards Zero, a plan for a future where no one is seriously injured or killed on our roads.

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