Hoddle Street - Punt Road investigations

The Hoddle Street-Punt Road route is the major north-south arterial road to the east of central Melbourne. It provides a vital 8km link across inner Melbourne from Queens Parade, Clifton Hill to St Kilda Junction.

Hoddle Street-Punt Road plays a critical role in Melbourne’s road network by:

  • connecting people with jobs and opportunities in inner Melbourne and the CBD
  • encouraging through traffic away from local roads
  • linking people with key destinations across metropolitan Melbourne.
Currently road users can experience heavy congestion throughout the day along the corridor, not just at peak times. This results in significant impacts to the economy through lower productivity and reduced amenity for the local community. The risk of casualty crashes along the corridor is about 50% higher than for comparable arterial roads. 

Map Streamlining Hoddle Street Initative and Punt Road Corridor

Hoddle Street Punt Road Corridor - Streamlining Hoddle Street (Orange), Punt road Transport Investigations (Blue), Public Acquisition Overlay Review (Yellow line), Rail line (dotted line)

Transport Initiatives 

There are currently two projects underway to investigate short to medium term options that can be implemented in the next two to four years to improve the operation of this corridor. These investigations aim to improve safety for all road users, help traffic flow, increase reliability of public transport and improve accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians along and across the entire Hoddle Street-Punt Road corridor.

Project one - Streamlining Hoddle Street

Streamlining Hoddle Street is part of the Victorian Government’s ‘Project 10,000’. The aim is to explore a range of innovative ideas to increase the movement of people who journey along and/or across Hoddle Street. The Victorian Government committed $60 million to
this and VicRoads is now investigating the best way to improve Hoddle Street for everyone. 

These investigations include looking at the feasibility of ‘continuous flow intersections’ at key junctions along Hoddle Street.  

Learn more about Streamlining Hoddle Street.

Project two - Punt Road Investigations

In conjunction with the Streamlining Hoddle Street investigations, the project team investigated short term road network changes to improve traffic movement within the existing road lanes for Punt Road.

As of Monday 29 August 2016 there will be clearways on Punt Road 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Three car parks will be constructed along Punt Road to compensate for the loss of on-street parking.  

We’ll continue to review the operation of Punt Road and consider further improvement options. Learn more about the Punt Road Transport Investigations 

Punt Road Public Acquisition Overlay

As requested by the Victorian Government, VicRoads is also assisting with the review of the future need for the Punt Road Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO) along the east side of Punt Road, south of the Yarra River between Alexandra Avenue and Union Street. The review is being undertaken by an independent Advisory Committee.

VicRoads is required to prepare a Background Report of the Public Acquisition Overlay and an Options Report.

The Advisory Committee will seek public submissions on these reports as part of its review. 

To find out how to make a submission, to view the Punt Road Public Acquisition Overlay Background Report  and Options Report, visit the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website (External link).

For information in languages other than English, please call (03) 9280 0783.

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