Streamlining Hoddle Street

We're improving the movement of people along and across Hoddle Street and Punt Road.

Project update - February 2018

We will be undertaking evening lane closures for the Streamlining Hoddle Street project. The additional lane closures along Hoddle Street and the Eastern Freeway are from:

  • 8:30pm Friday 23 February until 5am Saturday 24 February
  • 8:30pm Sunday 25 February until 5am Monday 26 February; and
  • 8:30pm Monday 26 February until 5am Tuesday 27 February.

There will be minor delays along Hoddle Street and the Eastern Freeway this weekend.

Changes to Hoddle Street on Friday night 23 February 

From 8:30pm Friday 23 February we will be conducting works on Hoddle Street Bridge. These works include: relocation of underground power utilities and demolition of existing footpath on eastern side of Hoddle Street bridge.

  • If travelling from Clifton Hill, there will be additional lane closures on Hoddle Street bridge for southbound traffic
  • Traffic lights will be temporarily switched off for 4 hours early Sunday morning to enable works on the bridge, traffic management will be in place to assist in the movement in traffic

Changes to Eastern Freeway on Sunday and Monday nights, 25 and 26 February

From 8:30pm on Sunday 25 February and 8:30pm Monday 26 February we will be conducting works on the Eastern Freeway. These works include: installation of barriers for temporary access on the entry loop ramp to enable bridge strengthening, and installation of formwork to enable construction of new concrete bridge barriers.

  • On Sunday 25 February 8:30pm to 5am inbound lanes will be reduced to one lane
  • On Monday 26 February 8:30pm to 5am outbound lanes will be reduced to two lanes


There will be minor delays in the area, so if Hoddle Street and the Eastern Freeway are part of your journey check VicTraffic for up to date closures and allow extra time to get to your destination.

Safety first

If you’re driving through or near the work zone, please reduce your speed and observe all signs and detours. If you’re walking or riding pay attention to detours and crossing points, and dismount your bike when required.

Ongoing works:

We are still undertaking works behind barriers in the centre median of Hoddle Street.    We’ll be working to construct the new p-turn intersections and install the new signaling. Two lanes onto the Eastern Freeway outbound ramp will continue flowing while we work behind barriers to construct the third lane.

Hoddle Street will resume operating after these works with ongoing lane closures remaining in place between Eastern Freeway and Vere Street.

Right turns from Hoddle Street into Johnston Street are banned at all times.

Right turns into Truro Street are banned at all time.

All entry and exit ramps on and off the Eastern Freeway will be opened after these works.

There will be ongoing lane closures in both directions along Hoddle Street between Noone Street and Vere Street.

The below map shows ongoing lane closures in both directions on Hoddle Street from Monday 15 January

Thank you for your continual patience as we work to transform Hoddle Street.

Image of Hoddle Street re opening map showing lane closures

Select this link to view a larger version of the map 

Local residents and businesses

While we’re working to transform Hoddle Street, local businesses will still be open as usual.  All local residents and businesses in the surrounding streets will still be able to drive and walk through area. 

Public transport

All bus services that currently use Hoddle Street during their journey - 200, 207, 246, 250, 302, 303, 304, 305, 318, 350, 905, 906, 907 and 908, and Night Network buses – will continue to service existing stops and will run to current time tables  during these works. You may still experience delays, so be sure to allow for extra travel time or catch an earlier service if possible. 

Pedestrians and cyclists 

At times, there may be changes to pedestrian access during this closure and these may vary throughout the works. For your safety, pay attention to signs in the construction area.  
Access to Hoddle Street Bridge will be maintained, but cyclists must dismount and walk their bikes across or take the signed detour.


Parking on Hoddle Street on the east side has been returned, parking on Hoddle Street on the west, between Noone Street and Gipps Street and Johnston Street will be temporarily removed during the works so we can construct the new northbound bus lane. 

Construction impacts

During this closure, works will take place during the day and night. Our crews will be working 24/7 to get this work done as quickly as possible.

We’ve planned our construction so that the more noisy work will take place during the day. Overnight, we’ll be using noise-reducing construction equipment to minimise the impact on local residents as much as possible.

Minimal dust and vibration is also expected as a result of these works. We’ll be doing as much as we can to minimise these impacts, including using water suppression to reduce dust on windy days.

About the project

Stage 1 of the project will transform the way you move along and across Hoddle Street and Punt Road.  

Hoddle Street and Punt Road will be working better and smarter, with the Victorian Government providing $60 million to upgrade the intersections of:

  • Eastern Freeway and Hoddle Street
  • Johnston Street and Hoddle Street
  • Brunton Avenue and Punt Road
  • Swan Street and Punt Road

Read our Streamlining Hoddle Street brochure – September 2017 (PDF 647Kb]

Punt Road and Swan Street : 

  • Giving more green time to people travelling along Punt Road by changing the way right turns are made (see map for details about new turning arrangements).
  • New pedestrian path under Richmond Station rail bridge on the western side of Punt Road, better accommodating the dispersion of pedestrians after events and recreational walkers and joggers.
  • Dedicated, protected cycling lane on Swan Street and Olympic Boulevard (in both directions).
  • New, side platform tram stop on Swan Street to accommodate both directions of travel – safer, DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant with new shelters and passenger information displays.
  • Bus queue jump lanes to give the 246 a head start through the intersection.
  • New bus stops located on the footpaths, with the southbound 246 bus stop now connecting better with Richmond Station.
  • Removal of slip lanes so people have larger and safer spaces to wait.
  • Banned the right turn from Olympic Boulevard southbound into Punt Road.

This intersection is where we’re applying the principles of continuous flow. Watch this video (External link)to see how it will work.

Image - Swan Street intersection

View Punt Road and Swan Street  design [JPEG 2.7Mb]

Punt Road and Brunton Avenue intersection:

  • New pedestrian path under Richmond Station rail bridge on the western side of Punt Road, better accommodating the dispersion of pedestrians after events and recreational walkers and joggers and connecting with Brunton Avenue.
  • New pedestrian crossing on Brunton Avenue to provide better and safer connection with MCG and Yarra Park.
  • Removal of a left turn lane into Brunton Avenue.
  • Removal of a right turn lane into Punt Road from Brunton Avenue.

Image - Brunton Ave intersection

View Brunton Avenue and Punt Road intersection design [JPEG 1.6Mb]

Johnston Street and Hoddle Street intersection:

  • Giving extra green time in the peak periods to people travelling along and across Hoddle Street by changing the way right turns are made (see map for details).
  • All right turns will be made via p-turns.
  • Two new p-turn intersections will be built on Hoddle Street to cater for p-turns and will also be new pedestrian crossing points.
  • Upgraded cycling connection at Truro Street.
  • Wider footpaths and shorter crossing distances across Hoddle Street.
  • New open space bus stop precinct at the north west corner of the intersection with new, modern bus stops.
  • Dedicated bus lanes for the DART and 246 service from the Eastern Freeway to Victoria Parade.

Image - Hoddle and Johnston Streets

View Hoddle Street and Johnston Street intersection design [JPEG 1.9Mb]

Eastern Freeway and Hoddle Street intersection:

  • Adding a third additional traffic lane onto the Eastern Freeway ramp out of the city to get more people off Hoddle Street quicker.
  • Free flowing bus lane off the Eastern Freeway, so the DART service will only ever have to stop for pedestrians.
  • Dedicated bus lanes for the DART and 246 services from the Eastern Freeway to Victoria Parade.
  • New shared use paths on either side of Hoddle Street for better connection into Clifton Hill.

Image - Hoddle Street and Eastern Freeway

View Hoddle Street and Eastern Freeway conneciton design [JPEG 1.7Mb]

In September this year, we proposed to implement 24/7 clearways in both directions along the following sections of road:

  • Hoddle Street from the Eastern Freeway to Bridge Road 
  • Punt Road from Bridge Road to the Yarra River 
  • Swan Street between Punt Road and Lennox Street. 

We visited all impacted businesses and residents, and asked for feedback about this proposal. Over 40 formal submissions were received and 450 parking surveys were completed during this time. We’d like to thank you for the taking the time to help us understand what’s important to you. 

Here’s a snapshot of what we heard:

  • The majority of concerns were from businesses on the east side of Hoddle Street, about the impacts this proposal would have on customer and staff parking 
  • Many businesses had concerns about the short timeframe being proposed which did not provide enough time to plan ahead to adapt to the changes
  • We heard concerns about how loading and deliveries would take place
  • Some people questioned whether current bus use was high enough to need 24/7 bus lanes
  • There is already a lack of parking in the general area.

We’ve considered your feedback and have revised our proposal. When the Streamlining Hoddle Street project is complete in 2018, clearway operating times will be:

Hoddle Street: Between the Eastern Freeway and Victoria Parade, clearways will provide a dedicated bus lane in the morning and afternoon peak periods. Car parking will remain outside of these times. The clearways will only operate:

  • On the east side between 6am and 10am 
  • On the west side between 3.30pm and 7.30pm. 

Hoddle Street: 24/7 clearways between Bridge Road and Victoria Parade, in both directions
Punt Road: 24/7 clearways between the Yarra River and Bridge Road, in both directions
Swan Street: 24/7 clearway between Punt Road and Stewart Street, in both directions

This map details these new clearway operating times.

Image of map showing Clearways along Hoddle Street 

Select this link or the image to view a larger version of the Clearways map

We’ll get in touch with you again closer to the implementation date to remind you of these changes and we’ll continue working with businesses that require loading and delivery zones, as well as those who require accessible parking near their property. 

Project background

Every day 330,000 people are moving along and across Hoddle Street and Punt Road in cars, buses, trams and on bikes. 

It’s the busiest arterial road in metropolitan Melbourne, linking the Monash, Eastern and Westgate freeways. It also provides vital public transport links including to trains, trams, bus routes, and access to nearby cycling corridors. 

To improve your journey along Hoddle Street and Punt Road, we’re using innovative intersection designs, new technology and making sure all road space is dedicated to moving people around our city. 

We’re using the principles of continuous flow at the Swan Street and Punt Road intersection.

What is continuous flow? 

Continuous flow reduces the long queues and delays caused by right turning vehicles. 

Currently, up to 40% of green time at the Swan Street and Punt Road intersection can be taken up by right turns in the peak hours.  When this green time is given to right turns, people who want to travel straight through an intersection are stuck at the red light and traffic queues can grow up to a kilometre long. 

By using continuous flow, people travelling south on Punt Road and wanting to turn right into Olympic Boulevard will have a new, dedicated lane to turn into, meaning vehicles on Swan Street can continue flowing while they make their right turn.

Changing the way people make this right turn will reduce the delays and queues along Punt Road and instead give them more green time to travel through the intersection.

Watch our video to see how we’re using continuous flow at the intersection of Punt Road and Swan Street.


Project benefits include:

  • increased movement of people along and across Hoddle Street
  • better connection for people with jobs and opportunities in inner Melbourne and the CBD
  • links people and freight with key destinations across greater Melbourne
  • improved public transport priority
  • better travel times and reliability for all transport modes
  • more reliable travel time information for all road users
  • provide improved local access for all modes 
  • improved safety and decrease in serious crashes.


Contact us

Call us: 9811 8266 

Write: Streamlining Hoddle Street
Level 4, 1 Spring Street
Melbourne Vic 3000

For information in languages other than English, please call (03) 9280 0783.


Meet with us

We’re popping up at local events over the coming months, so if you see us out in the area, come and have a chat. We’ll be able to talk you through the new designs, answer any questions and provide you with more information.

Our project hub will be open every Wednesday in 2018 between 11am and 2pm

Location: Project hub, 2 Swan Street
Cremorne (Cnr Swan St & Punt Rd)

Project timeline
Milestone Title Milestone Description Milestone Status (Completed/Current/Upcoming
2015 Business case development with community and stakholders
April 2016 Stage 1 - Streamlining Hoddle Street funded Completed
Mid 2017 Design development with community and stakeholders
Monday 4 Sept 2017 Clearways consultation begins 
Sunday 5 Nov 2017 Clearways consultation ends Current
Late 2017 Clearways begins Upcoming
Late 2018 Project complete Upcoming

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