Queens Way retaining wall repairs

We’re making the retaining walls on Queens Way safe and strong.

Project Update - September 2020

With safety and repair work on the inbound retaining wall complete, crews are now starting safety and repair work on the outbound retaining wall.

Over the past seven weeks, crews have undertaken a range of strengthening and stabilising work on the inbound wall – including adding extra concrete behind the wall and installing a new smooth concrete surface on the façade of the wall.

This repair work has been designed to provide a strong, durable and long-lasting structure that will support the road and buildings above it, while the smooth surface will ensure no debris will break off the wall, which is particularly important in protecting the safety of road users below. 

With the inbound wall now safe and strong, crews will start work on the repair of the outbound wall.

The work zone on the outbound wall will begin to be set up in mid-September and repair is expected to be finished by late November.  

Managing graffiti

We understand and share the community’s interest in minimising graffiti and we will be monitoring and removing graffiti on the retaining walls as work continues. We will also be working closely with local councils and property owners to manage graffiti.   

Developing ideas for finishing treatments

While our primary focus to date has been on making these walls safe - we are now working on ideas and approaches for finishing treatments that will minimise graffiti and support local amenity. 

Urban design

We are working closely with urban designers, landscape architects, the Office of the Victorian Government Architect, local councils, and community groups to ensure we understand the interests of all stakeholders in developing finishing treatments for the site. 

As part of this process, we will consider the characteristics of the area, urban design, vegetation to reduce urban heat, mitigation measures for graffiti, and safety in a roadside environment.

We will provide opportunities for the community to be involved and we will keep everyone updated as this work progresses in coming weeks.

Outbound wall - day works 

  • Crews repairing the outbound wall will be on-site from 6am - 4pm Monday to Friday and 8am - 4pm on Saturday and Sunday (as required). 

Night works 

  • To operate safely, we may need to undertake some work at night when traffic volumes are particularly low.
  • To install safety barriers around the new outbound wall work zone, we will need to work at night in mid September. We will make every effort to ensure noisy works are completed by 10:30pm.
  • We will need to pour concrete on the nights of 23-24 September, 29-30 September, and 5-8 October. 
  • We sincerely appreciate your patience while we undertake these important safety works.    

Traffic changes

Albert Street on-ramp, Windsor

Repair work on the outbound wall does require our crews to have safe access to the outbound wall. 

As a result, we will need to close the Albert Street on-ramp (Windsor) from mid-September to late November. 

Local access will be maintained

Local access to Albert Street will be maintained for residents and businesses at all times. 

Detours will be in place

With the Albert Street on-ramp closed, we will have signed detours in place. The signed detours are designed to keep traffic out of nearby residential streets and on main roads such as Punt Road, High St and Williams Road in Windsor, and St Kilda Road, Alma Road, and Hotham St in St Kilda. 

Queens Way lane closure 

To ensure safety, we will have one lane closed on Queens Way 24/7, from mid-September to mid-November. 

Crews will be on-site from 6am - 4pm, however, the lane closure will be in place at all times and speed will be reduced to 40km/h.  


Keeping the community and our roads safe, is our key priority. 

Urgent repair work on the inbound retaining wall on Queens Way started in late June, following a series of engineering observations and technical assessments that revealed signs of structural and façade fatigue on the walls on both sides of the road.

These important walls are over 50 years old and were coming to the end of their design life. 

In the interests of public safety, we needed to act quickly to strengthen and stabilise the inbound wall as a priority. 

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