Queens Way retaining wall repairs

We’re managing graffiti and planting the Queens Way terrace.

Project update - June 2021

We have completed the planting of 800 non-native plants along the Queens Way terrace. The terrace planting includes medium shrubs, plants and climbers.

The medium shrubs include:

  • Japanese Jasmine (yellow flower)
  • Plumbago (bule)
  • Indian Hawthorn (white)
  • Viburnum (pale pink).

The mid-level plants include:

  • Aloes
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Fortnight Lily. 

The draping plants include:

  • Pink Jasmine
  • Dusky Coral Pea
  • Gum Vine (pale yellow).

Once established, the terrace will feature a year-round flowering display in a three-level design.

Native plant species are unsuitable for this site because of the significant risk of natives outgrowing the relatively shallow depth of the terrace.

The new Queens Way terrace

The new Queens Way terrace

The new Queens Way terrace

Graffiti management

We understand and share the community’s concern about the appearance of graffiti on the retaining walls on the Queens Way. Planning continues for medium and long-term finishing treatments that will mitigate instances of graffiti in the future. 

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