Queens Way retaining wall repairs

We’re cleaning graffiti and getting ready to plant the Queens Way terrace in Autumn.

Project Update - February 2021

We understand and share the community’s concern about the appearance of graffiti on the retaining walls on Queens Way.

Last week we started a program of regular cleaning on a two week basis, depending on the level of graffiti. We will monitor any re-emergence of graffiti and adjust the cleaning program as required, until the end of June.

Cleaning work is most likely to take place at night, when traffic volumes are low. We thank residents for their patience during cleaning works.  

Our goal is to manage graffiti in the short term, while planning continues for medium and long term finishing treatments that will mitigate graffiti in the future. 

Urban design planting plans 

During construction of the new retaining walls, we were able to make provision for a planted terrace on the outbound wall. 

Our urban design team has now developed a detailed landscaping plan that will involve planting 800 plants in the terrace this Autumn. 

Once established, the terrace will feature a year-round flowering display and a three-level design to provide both height above, and draping plants below the terrace. 

Native plant species are unsuitable for this site, due to the significant risk of natives outgrowing the relatively shallow depth of the terrace and the higher risk of failure during the establishment phase.

Types of plants

The terrace planting will include medium shrubs, plants and climbers.

The medium shrubs will include Japanese jasmine (yellow flower), Plumbago (blue), Indian Hawthorn (white) and Viburnum (pale pink). The mid level plants will include aloes, Bird of Paradise and Fortnight Lily, while the draping plants will include pink Jasmine, Dusky Coral Pea, and Gum Vine (pale yellow). 

Planning for finishing treatments

Planning for medium and long term finishing treatments is progressing. We will provide the community with opportunities to provide feedback as this planning continues. 

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