Raised intersections Thomastown and Epping

We’ve raised several high-risk intersections in Thomastown and Epping as part of Towards Zero.

Towards Zero is a plan to ensure no one is seriously injured or killed on our roads. The Victorian Government is investing $1.4 billion to achieve fewer than 200 deaths by 2020 and reduce serious injuries by 15% on Victoria’s roads.

About a third of deaths on Victorian roads result from crashes at intersections.

As part of Towards Zero, high-risk intersections across Thomastown and Epping have been raised to reduce the risk and severity of crashes.

Intersections pose a significant risk on our road network. In Victoria, 28% of deaths and 41% of serious injuries occur at intersections. 

Raised intersections act like gentle speed bumps, encouraging drivers to slow down as they cross through. 

By entering at slower speeds, drivers have more time to react if something unexpected happens, and significantly reduce the risk of serious injury or death in the event of a crash at an intersection. 

About the Project

We’re raising seven high-risk intersections across Thomastown and Epping to reduce the risk of serious and fatal crashes by up to 40%. Construction at the first phase of sites will commence on 24 February 2019 at the following locations:

Epping – High and Cooper Streets
Thomastown – Dalton Road and The Boulevard
Thomastown – Dalton Road and Alexander Avenue
Thomastown – High Street Shopping Centre (High and Spring Streets)
Thomastown – High Street Shopping Centre (High and Station Streets)
Thomastown – High Street Shopping Centre (High and Main Streets)
Thomastown – Spencer Street and Dalton Road 

Map showing the raised intersections in Thomastown and Epping

View a larger version of the Raised Ingtersections Thomastown and Epping [PDF 115Kb]

What happens next?

Works will start on 24 February 2019, and will run until mid 2019. 

To minimise disruptions, works will be completed at night at the following times:

  • 8:30pm – 5am, Sunday – Thursday on Dalton Road 
  • 10pm – 5am, Sunday – Thursday on High Street 

At times we may need to complete works during the day, these will be completed from 9:30am – 3:30pm. We’ll notify you closer to the date if day works are necessary. 

During construction of these intersections our crew will be moving from site to site to maximise efficiency and minimise disruptions. While at times it may look like works have stopped, our crew have just moved to another site. 

Will I be impacted?

While we’ll do our best to keep disruptions to a minimum, there will still be some impacts for both Dalton Road and High Street.

Dalton Road impacts

  • Lane closures in each direction during construction times
  • Crews to occupy parking spaces overnight to construct the raised intersection
  • Asphalting works, requiring us to close the intersection and restrict access to driveways through the area at the end of the project.

High Street impacts

  • Crews to occupy parking spaces near the intersection to store work material during works

Dalton Road, Spencer Street intersection

As part of these safety improvement works, we’re also installing traffic lights at the Dalton Road and Spencer Street intersection. These new traffic lights will help control movement through the intersection, improving traffic flow and safety for drivers and pedestrians travelling through the area. 

For traffic to move safely through the new signalised intersection, the existing right hand turn out of Parklands Drive onto Dalton Road will be prohibited.

Once works are completed, traffic turning right onto Dalton Road will need to use Darebin Drive, or alternatively turn left onto Dalton Road and then U-turn to head north.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the project, please contact: [email protected]


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