Repairing landslips on Woods Point Road, Reefton

We’re working to repair sections of Woods Point Road in Reefton which were damaged by landslips, following significant rainfall and severe weather conditions in 2020. 

Project update - February 2021 

Weather permitting, works are expected to start in early March 2021 and be complete by late-March 2021. 

Crews will generally be working between 7am and 6pm; Mondays to Fridays. Some weekend work may be required. 

During works, one traffic lane will remain open with traffic controllers on-site to manage traffic flows in both directions. Road users will be notified of the works via electronic signages. Repair works include: 

  • Excavation and removal of the damaged pavement 
  • Building up and stabilising the road layers
  • Laying layers of asphalt
  • Drainage improvements 

What’s next? 

Three other landslip sites nearby - along Acheron Way and Donna Buang Road in Warburton, and East Warburton – have been assessed by geotechnical experts and detailed designs are currently underway for the repair of these roads.  

Works will commence after the completion of the designs later this year.

About the project 

Four locations along Acheron Way and Donna Buang Road in Warburton and East Warburton, and Woods Point Road in Reefton were impacted by landslips in 2020, following significant rainfall and severe weather conditions in the area. All impacted sections of the road have been made safe for road users.

At each location, the impacted traffic lane has been closed, with one lane remaining open to traffic. Temporary traffic lights and reduced speed limits are in place to manage the flow of traffic and ensure drivers can continue travelling in both directions.

Inspections are completed twice a week and after heavy rainfall to ensure the road conditions remain safe and traffic management devices are operating as required.

For more information about the location of the landslips, please visit the VicTraffic website.

Get in touch

For more information about these works, please get in touch.  

Email: [email protected] 

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