Rosanna Road Safety Improvement Project

In 2016, $850,000 funding was provided under part of the Victorians Governments Safe System Road Infrastructure Program (SSRIP).

The project aimed to address the crash history and resident’s safety concerns along Rosanna Road

Project background

Rosanna Road is an important link between Greensborough Highway and Lower Plenty Road, with more than 38,000 vehicles using the road daily. 

The area includes a bustling shopping precinct and multiple schools and was identified as a high crash area under the Safe Systems program.

About the project

Over a five year period, ending in mid 2015 a total of 75 crashes were recorded in the area, 15 of which resulted in hospitalisation.

Of these recorded crashes, many involved;

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Turning vehicles  at intersections
  • Vehicles running off the road


In late 2016, we introduced road safety treatments along Rosanna Road, to improve safety for drivers, local residents, pedestrians and cyclists. 

These include: 
  • right hand signals at the Banksia Street, Burgundy Street and Darebin Street intersections
  • upgraded pedestrian crossing facilities
  • traffic dividers at Rosanna Road and Yarra Street
  • traffic lights at the Rosanna Road and Darebin Street intersection as well as the Rosanna Road and Banyule Road intersection
  • line markings repainted at bus stops

View Rosanna Road Heidelberg Safety Improvement Project Informaion Update August 2016 [PDF 2.9Mb}

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Vehicles keep hitting the power poles along Rosanna Road, is VicRoads going to address this?

We are aware of the issues with vehicles side-swiping the power poles that run alongside Rosanna Road. We have been working closely with the power company who own the poles to understand how best we can address the issue. This includes investigating undergrounding the poles, moving the poles further from the road or undergrounding the most often hit poles. We will continue to investigate the most viable option alongside the power company.

The speed feels really unsafe when I’m driving. Will the speed limit be dropped?

Rosanna Road currently has a speed limit of 60 km/h. For us to consider dropping speed limits on any main arterial roads we would need to investigate traffic impacts on the greater network. In addition, community sentiment would need to be taken into consideration as well.

I feel like the lanes are too narrow for trucks, what can we do to make them wider?

Unfortunately, lane width is not something that we can address at this time. We couldn’t alter the alignment of the road without impacting the safety of pedestrians. Homes along Rosanna Road would also experience an increase in noise levels if the road was widened.

Wouldn’t banning right hand turns make Rosanna Road safer?

We would need to address the impacts of banning right-hand turns on Rosanna Road, particularly to local residents trying to access homes and local businesses. Banning right-hand turns could also result in unsafe driver behaviour, with more lane changes and could increase congestion along Rosanna Road.

Wouldn’t it be safer if trucks could only use the right hand lane?

We do not recommend this option as it would raise more safety concerns. For example, restricting trucks to the right-hand lane may have a larger impact on the safety of local traffic trying to access driveways, properties and adjacent roads.  

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