Rosanna Road Safety Improvement Project

The Victorian Government has invested $3.12m to deliver a safer and more reliable Rosanna Road in Heidelberg.

About the project

The following safety upgrades have been delivered on Rosanna Road:

  • A safer Rosanna Road between Banksia Street and Brown Street, with 40km/h speed reductions between 7am-7pm to support safe access to Heidelberg Primary School, Warringal Shopping Centre and the Burgundy Street shops. This speed change came into effect on 27 May 2020.
  • New pedestrian operated crossings near Brown Street to provide a safe place for you to cross Rosanna Road.
  • New traffic lights at the intersection of Rosanna Road and St James Road to improve safer traffic movements at this intersection.

These upgrades will enable safer access to local shops, schools and services.

Update – April 2021

In April 2021, bollards and a new traffic light mast arm specifically designed to avoid collisions with taller vehicles will be installed to protect pedestrians. These night works will involve changed traffic conditions of 40km/h at all times during construction.

View a map of the safety improvements along Rosanna Road Heidelberg (image below).

Project background

There have been multiple investments made in the Rosanna Road corridor in the last six years:
  • In 2015, VicRoads engaged with the local community and other stakeholders to explore issues relating to trucks travelling along Rosanna Road and their impact on local amenity.
  • As a result, truck curfew restrictions were introduced in August 2015 on key arterial routes in Melbourne’s north-east, including along Rosanna Road, Lower Plenty Road, Waterdale Road, and Bolton Street. These restrictions remain in place.
  • During 2016, VicRoads continued to liaise with the local community to further explore road safety issues along Rosanna Road.
  • In 2016 and 2017, we introduced the following road safety improvements on Rosanna Road:
    - Right-turn traffic lights at the Banksia Street, Burgundy Street and Darebin Street intersections
    - Upgraded pedestrian crossing facilities
    - Traffic dividers at Rosanna Road and Yarra Street to ban right-turn movements from Yarra Street
    - Traffic lights at the Rosanna Road and Darebin Street intersection as well as the Rosanna Road and Banyule Road intersection
    - Line markings repainted at bus stops.
  • In 2019-2020 we installed a new crossing near Brown Street, implemented safer speeds and signalised the intersection of St James Road and Rosanna Road. 
  • When we engaged with the community in 2019, we heard mixed views about the location and effectiveness of a proposed pedestrian crossing near Yarra Street. The Department of Transport considered this feedback and investigated options to address an alternative safety problem at the nearby Rosanna Road/Burgundy Street/Jika Street intersection. New bollards and a new traffic light mast arm specifically designed to avoid collisions with taller vehicles will now installed to protect pedestrians. 

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