Safer speed limit at Boronia Road activity centre, Boronia

We’ve improved safety for people at the Boronia Road activity centre in Boronia by implementing a 40km/h speed zone.

From December 2022, we reduced the speed limit on Boronia Road between Pine Crescent and Floriston Road, Boronia to 40km/h between 8.00am to 7.00pm every day. We’ve installed eight Electronic Speed Limit Signs (ESLS) to remind motorists to slow down. The 60km/h speed limit applies outside of these times.

This upgrade is thanks to the Australian Government’s $3 billion Road Safety Program being delivered in partnership with the Victorian Government. The Road Safety Program supports the fast roll-out of lifesaving road safety treatments that promote greater protection for vulnerable road users, like cyclists and pedestrians.


Speed plays a part in every crash. It isn’t always the cause, but speed does influence the severity of the outcome in an accident. Pedestrians and cyclists are completely exposed to the full force of a collision and the risk increases in busy pedestrian areas. 

In the five years leading up to June 2020, 29 crashes occurred along this shopping strip, with two of these involving pedestrians and ten resulting in serious injury. The safer 40km/h speed limit will help to prevent crashes from happening, and at the very least reduce their severity when they’re unavoidable.

We sought feedback from the local community on the operational times of the new speed limit and this information helped shape this project.

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