Safer speed limit on Nepean Highway, Frankston

We’re improving safety through Frankston’s City Centre. 

About the project

From Wednesday 24 August 2022, there will be a 40km/h speed limit on Nepean Highway between Fletcher Road and Plowman Place.

We have installed 6 new electronic speed limit signs to help ensure the speed limit is clearly visible to drivers. 

Map below: Location of the 40km/h speed limit zone
Safer 40 km/h speed limit map on Nepean Highway Frankston

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Pedestrians and bike riders are completely exposed to the full force of a crash, making them some of the most vulnerable road users.

In the five years leading up to 30 June 2019, there were 30 reported crashes along this shopping strip, with 15 crashes resulting in serious injuries and one crash tragically resulting in a fatality.

Through the Pedestrian and Safer Schools program, the Australian and Victorian Governments are investing $19.5 million to help Victorian pedestrians, cyclists and motorists share the roads more safely.

A 40km/h speed limit will reduce the likelihood and the severity of road crashes, and allow pedestrians, bike riders and drivers to share the road safely.

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