South Gippsland Highway Road Safety Review

We’re reviewing the safety of the South Gippsland Highway between Ballarto Road and Clyde-Fiveways Road, including near the Lighthouse Christian College in Cranbourne.

Project update

This section of the South Gippsland Highway has recently been the site of serious crashes. 

The surrounding area along the 4.5 kilometre section of road has been designated as an urban growth zone and will see significant residential and commercial growth in coming years. Following extensive consultation with key stakeholders, independent experts and the community, VicRoads has concluded that the existing 100km/h speed limit between Lineham Drive and Clyde-Five Ways Road is no longer appropriate and will be lowered to 80km/h.

As part of an extensive review of the highway, we consulted with the community, City of Casey, Emergency Services and other stakeholders to better understand how the road was being used. We received over 500 responses, providing an excellent understanding of how the community are using this section of South Gippsland Highway and the challenges and risks faced by users. The information provided will assist in planning long term improvements for the area..  

When asked how can we improve road safety on this road, over 72% thought road safety improvements were needed, including:

  • Speed Reduction
  • Improvement to Intersections
  • Left turn only out of school
  • Better signage 
  • Reduce vegetation 
  • Reduce entry and exit points 
  • Improvement in lighting
  • Improve visibility of U-Turn near school
  • School Speed Zone
  • Signals approaching  school
  • Flashing warning signs

About the project

This review is part of the vision of the Towards Zero strategy which aims to reduce road deaths in Victoria to 200 or below by 2020. 

Our review will involve identifying treatment options to improve safety along this section of South Gippsland Highway. We’ll review traffic volumes, pedestrian activity levels, nearby land uses, the historical safety record of the site and the effectiveness of proposed treatments.

City of Casey, Emergency Services and other stakeholders will all be involved in this process, and now we’re inviting you to have your say.

The section of road under review is shown below:

South Gippsland Highway map smaller


View a larger version of the map

Community involvement

Your feedback has been important for us to gain an understanding of your experience using this section of the South Gippsland Highway and provide an important local perspective and community input to this review.

What happens next?

A new permanent 80km/h speed limit from Lineham Drive through to Clyde Five Ways Road and ‘school ahead’ signs will be introduced by 30th November 2017. This speed limit change and signage will improve safety for all road users, including those using intersections and access points along this section of South Gippsland Highway. The limit speed change has the support of City of Casey and Victoria Police. 

VicRoads will be considering other innovative solutions and safety initiatives to improve the intersection of Devon Road and Lighthouse College. 

Contact us

If you have any questions please email our Project Team at [email protected] or call 9881 8779 during business hours. 


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