New electronic speed limit signs on Clyde–Five Ways Road (Clyde Primary School)

We’ve made it safer for school kids, parents and teachers travelling to and from Clyde Primary School.

About the project

We have installed two new solar powered electronic speed limit signs at the current school speed zone on Clyde-Five Ways Road, near Grande Belmond Avenue and Ballarto Road.

New static signs have also been installed leading up to and throughout the area to inform drivers of the school speed zone.

The electronic speed limit signs will remind drivers that they are entering the school speed zone for Clyde Primary School and they need to slow down to 60km/h during school drop off times (8am-9.30am) and school pick up times (2.30pm-4pm). 

Project background

The Australian and Victorian Governments have invested $19.5 million in the Pedestrian and Safer Schools Program, improving safety near schools and shopping strips across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The program is part of a $97.2 million Targeted Road Safety Works program to create local jobs and support economic recovery from the coronavirus (COVID-19).


These works will:

  • improve safety for vulnerable road users such as school children, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • reduce the likelihood and severity of crashes, should they occur

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