Spencer Street Safety Improvements

We’re improving safety along Spencer Street in Melbourne’s CBD as part of Towards Zero

The Victorian Government is investing $1.3 billion into Towards Zero, a plan to achieve fewer than 200 deaths by 2020 and reduce serious injuries by 15% on Victoria's roads.

More specifically, $100 million is being allocated to making roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Project background

This project covers a 260m section of Spencer Street, between the Collins Street and Bourke Street intersections in Melbourne’s CBD. This section of Spencer Street is number one in a list of 87 pedestrian injury hotspots identified across Victoria.

Between 2011- 2015, there were 17 crashes in this area involving pedestrians or cyclists.

About 4400 pedestrians travel through the Spencer Street and Collins Street intersection intersection during the evening peak times. Due to the high number of pedestrians walking in this area, people often:

  • resort to crossing during or after the flashing red clearance phases
  • resort to walking across the road outside the designated crossing area
  • get caught in bottle necks when accessing or exiting tram stops, forcing people onto the road.

These issues increase the risk of pedestrians being involved in a crash with a vehicle.

Pedestrian safety improvements

The safety improvements we've made include:

  • installing raised pedestrian crossings to increase pedestrian visibility and to slow down vehicles approaching the crossing
  • improving access to the tram platform with a raised pedestrian crossing between the Spencer Street/Bourke Street #1 tram stop and the footpath near Godfrey Street, to reduce pedestrian bottle necks
  • upgrading traffic signals to provide pedestrians more time to cross the road
  • improving the Spencer Street crossing north of Collins Street by:
    • increasing the width of the pedestrian crossing
    • improved the pedestrian refuge to offer pedestrians a safe spot to stand in between the tram tracks and traffic lanes
    • increasing the number of pedestrian signal lights to help make pedestrians more visible to oncoming traffic
    • installing pedestrian light countdown timers, which clearly indicate how many seconds pedestrians have to cross the road. These are the first pedestrian countdown timers to be installed at an intersection in the Melbourne CBD.

Image of the map showing the Spence Street safety improvements  

Larger version of the Spencer Street safety improvements map

Project update

Works began in February 2018 and are expected to be completed by July 2018.

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