Springvale Junction improvement project

Springvale Junction is one of Australia’s most complex intersections, and the worst accident black spot in Victoria. 

Springvale Junction is the intersection of Princes Highway (Dandenong Road), Springvale Road, Centre Road and Police Road in Springvale, Melbourne.

The structure of this intersection currently incorporates six approach roads, which lead to 29 possible turning movements for drivers. Crashes on this junction are caused mainly by drivers being confused and failing to give way to oncoming traffic when turning right. In the five years between June 2010 – 2014 there were 62 crashes at this intersection, with 37% resulting in serious injury.  

Springvale Junction movement overview

Current project status

We’ve completed a preliminary investigation of the issues associated with the Junction and a number of approaches that could be taken to improve its safety. 

We collected feedback from the community about their:
  • experience with Springvale Junction 
  • views on the safety approaches 
  • other thoughts and ideas on how to improve the Junction. 

A Community Consultation Summary Report [PDF, 973Kb] containing a summary of the information collected during the recent consultation is available. A number of the concerns that were identified during the consultation process have been addressed including:

  • raised pavement markers have been re-installed in the middle of the intersection
  • some line marking works have already taken place to assist drivers with navigation through the junction
  • improved signage and four zebra pedestrian crossings have been installed at locations where the community has expressed safety concerns.
Thank you to everyone who participated in this consultation. We received a lot of useful feedback which we’ll use in our next stage of this project. 

Next steps

We’re currently developing a proposed safety improvement option for Springvale Junction. This option will be designed to best respond to the interests of all key stakeholders.  

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