Stud Road & Clow Street intersection upgrade

We’re building an additional right turn lane from Stud Road onto Clow Street to improve traffic flow through the intersection.

Project background

This busy intersection provides an important connection for commuters and locals travelling through Dandenong, to the Dandenong Market, plaza and Dandenong Train Station.

With a total of seven bus services operating through this intersection, this project will help improve traffic flow for all modes of transport.

About the project

As part of this project, we’re:

  • adding an additional right turn lane from Stud Road into Clow Street
  • upgrading all traffic islands and ramps to ensure they comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)
  • resurfacing the intersection to improve the condition of the road
  • installing new pedestrian crossings.

Project benefits

The benefits of adding another right turn lane on Stud Road include improving:

  • your journey and saving you 1.5 minutes as you travel through the intersection
  • accessibility within the intersection for all pedestrians, including those with mobility requirements
  • pedestrian access around the intersection
  • lighting at the intersection.

What happens next?

Stage 1 (service/utility works)

From 22 June, there will be works to relocate lighting and power services at the intersection to prepare for the intersection upgrade. This will involve relocating powerline cables underneath the road, installing new power poles and removing the light pole from the centre median strip on Stud Road. 

Stage 2 (intersection works)

The main intersection works are expected to commence in early September and be completed by late-2019.

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