Sydney Road Pavement Treatments

Victoria will be made safer thanks to the joint $245M Victorian and Australian Government's Road Safety Program, designed to reduce road trauma and save lives.

Project update

The Road Safety Program funding supports the fast roll-out of lifesaving road safety treatments on rural and regional roads and promotes greater protection for vulnerable road users, like cyclists and pedestrians, in urban areas.

As part of this program, works will include the following over a four-and-a-half-kilometre section of Sydney Road, from Park Street, Brunswick to Bell Street, Coburg: 

  • Yellow painted cross walks for key pedestrian crossings. These include full intersection treatments at key locations as well as several single pedestrian crossings of Sydney Road, over a dozen in all.
  • Green painted cycling lane crossings at key side streets. This includes all intersections between and including Baxter Street until Barkly Street. 
  • Prominent safety signage will be installed at multiple locations to support the pavement treatments and will assist with pedestrian and cycling safety.
  • Existing part-time tram lanes will receive orange pavement treatment and supporting safety signage. The treatments will be undertaken between The Avenue and Moreland Road, and Moreland Road to Albion Street. These safety treatments will assist motorists to better understand part time tram lanes and the times for their use.
  • The part time tram lane treatments will assist in separating motor vehicles and trams, increasing safety and reducing tram delays.
Sydney Road Pavement Treatments

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When to expect us 

  • The project is due to commence in June 2021, and will be undertaken on specific nights, between 8pm and 5am.
  • The works are expected to take approximately 20 nights overall and are dependent on weather. 

How will these works impact you? 

  • There will be local road closures, at the Sydney Road entrances, alongside streets between Park Street, Brunswick and Bell Street, Coburg
  • Localised traffic management and detours will be in place. You will be able to access your home
  • We will have safe speeds in place near the work zones
  • Access will be maintained for emergency services 
  • There will be some noise and vibration from the works and the sites will remain closed off until the surface treatments are dry
  • Drivers are asked to follow the detours that will be in place for local traffic, as some street entrances along Sydney Road will be closed.

Project background

Sydney Road is a vibrant entertainment, business and shopping hub, that is a key corridor for commuters, pedestrians, cyclists and trams each day.

In the five-year period to December 2018, there was a total of 223 casualty crashes between Park Street in Brunswick to Bell Street in Coburg.

Improvements to safety, whether wide in scale or more localised, need to be adopted whenever possible. 

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This project is considered a critical infrastructure project and will continue during current COVID restrictions. Critical infrastructure projects include safety and maintenance works on roads and public transport, and road safety projects that maintain critical safe operations on the road network. To ensure the safety of all workers and the community, all construction and maintenance work undertaken during these restrictions will operate under a COVID Safe plan.

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