Thompsons Road Upgrade, Cranbourne

The Victorian Government is funding the Thompsons Road Upgrade so you can experience improved safety and travel times on this vital east-west corridor in Melbourne's south-east growth region. The upgrade includes $65.9 million to remove the dangerous level crossing and $175 million to duplicate Thompsons Road from Dandenong-Frankston Road to Berwick-Cranbourne Road (Clyde Road).

Upcoming road closures

Dates subject to weather conditions and work progress

Evans Road north extended closure

Timing: 8pm Friday 2 March – early July 2018
Location: Closed in both directions between the roundabout at Thompsons Road and Boland Drive


We need to close this section of Evans Road in order to complete widening works and build the new intersection at Thompsons Road and Evans Road.  

Closing the road means we can complete the work as quickly as possible and also separate heavy construction equipment away from traffic, ensuring the safety of our workers and the community.

What we’re doing:

  • Widening works on Evans Road between Thompsons Road and Boland Drive 
  • Building new eastbound lanes on Thompsons Road to improve traffic flow and travel times
  • After we finish widening the road and adding new lanes, there will be more changes around this area until we build new traffic lights at the intersection. We’ll notify you of these changes closer to the time.

What to be aware of:

  • You’ll be able to access Boland Drive, Honeybark Crescent and Gumview Road via the new Merinda Park Boulevard and Marriott Boulevard, details in the map below
  • Evans Road, south of Thompsons Road, will be open to traffic on 5 March 2018 after the roundabout relocation is complete
  • Access for pedestrians will mostly be unchanged, except when works impact the footpath and appropriate pedestrian detours will be in place 
  • Access to properties and businesses won’t change
  • There’ll be an increase in construction vehicles and heavy machinery. We’ll schedule noisy activities within working hours where possible and will be monitoring noise and vibration levels 
  • Our environmental team will actively monitor dust levels, weather and ground conditions and will work to minimise dust as much as possible. 

Evans North Rd detour map small

View a larger version of the Evans Road closure detour route map [JPG 800Kb]

We understand that major road projects like this come with impacts and we’ll complete works as soon as possible, keeping you informed of changes before they happen.

Lonsdale Crescent closure 

Timing: 7am Monday 3 April to 6pm Friday 27 April 
Location: between Thompsons Road and the first property on Lonsdale Crescent

What we’re doing:

In order to build new road surface for the new eastbound lanes, we need to close Lonsdale Crescent between Thompsons Road and the first property on Lonsdale Crescent. Entry to the service road will also temporarily move from Lonsdale Crescent to Gray Street.

What to be aware of: 

  • Drivers wanting to access Lonsdale Crescent from Thompsons Road will need to follow the detour via Gray Street and Endeavour Drive.
  • Residents in the service road between Lonsdale Crescent and Gray Street will enter and exit the service road at Gray Street. The service road will temporarily operate with two-way traffic between Gray Street to Lonsdale Crescent. There will be no access to the service road from Thompsons Road near Lonsdale Crescent.
  • The speed will be set to 40k/h around the works area.
  • Traffic management and detour signs will be in place to ensure the safety of our workers and to maintain traffic flow.
  • A medium level of noise can be expected, but we’ll aim to keep it to a minimum.

Thompsons Road closure between Lyndhurst Boulevard and Western Port Highway 

Timing: 6pm Saturday 14 April – 10am Sunday 15 April 2018
Location: Thompsons Road closed in the westbound direction only, between Lyndhurst Boulevard and Western Port Highway. 

What we’re doing:

We’re erecting new power poles on the south-east corner of the intersection at Thompsons Road and Western Port Highway (in front of BP). We’re completing these works at night when there’s less traffic. 

What to be aware of:

  • Detours will be in place for west bound traffic – you can reach Western Port Highway via Lyndhurst Boulevard to Glasscocks Road (Signed detour will be in place).
  • During this time, the speed at the Thompsons Road and Western Port Highway intersection will be reduced to 40 km/h, so please allow extra time if you’re travelling through the area.
  • The BP, McDonald’s and Red Roster driveway on Thompsons Road will be closed during these works. Access to these businesses will be via their Western Port Highway driveway.
  • Local access will be provided at all times to Lost Dogs Home and 930 Thompsons Road. 
  • Power supply to some properties may be interrupted. Impacted properties shall be notified by AusNet Services and its sub-contractor.
  • Traffic controllers will be available to guide you through and around the works area.
  • Thompsons Road eastbound lane (towards Clyde North) will remain open during these works.
  • You may notice some noise – we’ll monitor this at all times to ensure we keep noise to a minimum.

Project update - February 2018


Level crossing removal

New bridge taking shape

  • The bridge build on the north side of Thompsons Road has begun to take shape, bringing us one step closer to removing the dangerous and congested level crossing for good. We’re delivering the level crossing removal on behalf of the Level Crossing Removal Authority.
  • We’ve finished the bridge foundations after drilling numerous holes, up to 25m deep, to provide a stable base for the new bridge. We’ve also installed 170 concrete panels to create a retaining wall, supporting the bridge on both sides of the railway.
  • We’ve lifted and placed 21 bridge beams over the railway line. These beams, weighing between 45-50 tonnes each and up to 28m long, are the main structure that will help create the new bridge. See the beam lift video
  • In February we poured concrete to make the deck of the bridge. This will be followed in the coming months by roadside barriers and pavement works

Check out the construction video (External link)  and Thompsons Road Upgrade January 2018 (External link) to see our progress.

Bridge beam being lifted into place at Thompsons Road 

Bridge beam being lowered into position

Duplication of Thompsons Road

Major works for the duplication of Thompsons Road to improve safety and traffic flow are well underway. 

We’re building the duplication in 3 sections along Thompsons Road:

  • Western section: Frankston-Dandenong Road to Western Port Highway

We’ve started widening this section away from traffic to help reduce impacts. Once this new road is complete, we’ll move traffic onto this road and then start works on the southern side of Thompsons Road.

In addition to widening the road, we’ll also be relocating some utility services and adding drains, lights, safety barriers, and a walking and cycling path.

Speed has been set to 60km/h as trucks come in and out of the work area, so please drive safely.

  • Central section: Western Port Highway to South Gippsland Highway

Apart from continuing works on the Thompsons Road service road, we will be working on the new Thompsons Road eastbound carriageway and Evans Road north of Thompsons Road after the roundabout at Evans Road is relocated.

  • Eastern Section: Narre Warren Road to Berwick-Cranbourne Road

We’ve started digging and moving soil to widen this new part of the road. We’ve dug deep so we can start placing the layers needed to build the new road surface. The next step is to install drainage pipes for the new road. 

We’ve set the speed limit to 60km/h in this area for your safety and the safety of our workers.

Image of road duplication works along Thompsons Road


During construction there’ll be ongoing changes to traffic management, including reduced speed limits and lane closures. We’ll work to keep disruptions to a minimum and keep you updated on all the changes with road signs and through our website. We’ll also keep you updated about upcoming works through letterbox drops, door-knocks and email updates.

A detour is in place to guide pedestrians around the busy work area for the bridge, which you can see on the map below.

 Merinda Park Station Ped Detour Map_LXRA_04_LXRA0549 small

View a larger version of the Merinda Park Station pedestrian detour map [JPEG 233Kb]

Learn more about expected disruptions in the fact sheets below.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to deliver this much needed upgrade.

Project background

Thompsons Road is a vital east-west connection in Melbourne's south-east growth region, extending from the Mornington Peninsula Freeway in Patterson Lakes, to Berwick-Cranbourne Road in Clyde North. It’s an essential freight and transport route which carries around 26,000 vehicles each day.

With this number set to increase, the Victorian Government is duplicating 10.7 kilometres of Thompsons Road to help provide smoother journeys for those who live and work in the area.

About the project

The Thompsons Road Upgrade will greatly improve connectivity for those who live and work in the region, helping with access to jobs, services and transport hubs in the south-east. 

The project includes the level crossing removal at Merinda Park Station and the duplication of Thompsons Road between Dandenong-Frankston Road and Berwick-Cranbourne Road.


map showing works on Thompsons Road CranbourneView a larger version of the Thompsons Road upgrade map [PDF 65Kb] 

Read more in the Thompsons Road Upgrade Factsheet [PDF 391 Kb]

Trees and vegetation

In order to build extra lanes on Thompsons Road, some trees and shrubs unfortunately have to go.

To help minimise the amount of trees that have to be removed, we’ve engaged independent ecologists and arborists, who have helped us refine the design, to avoid removals where we can. 

For the trees that will be removed, we’re exploring a range of upcycle options. We’ll also provide logs to local councils for use in nature reserves.

To maintain Victoria’s biodiversity we’ve purchased native vegetation offsets for the Grey Billy Button, a native Australian wildflower. 

We’ve also collected seeds from the local River Red Gum trees, which we’ll pass onto local councils for replanting in the area.

You can learn more about our seed collection (External link) and what we’re using the seeds for [PDF 1.11 Mb] and how we're protecting the local environment and wildlife

Supporting Australian manufacturing

Late last year we started building the reinforced retaining wall, designed to hold back earth and support the bridge over the railway line. Almost 16,000 100% Australian-made steel straps were ordered for the 8-metre-high wall. Stretched out from the back of numerous concrete panels, the straps will help support 140,000 tonnes of soil. 



In November 2015, $65.9 million was added to remove the Thompsons Road level crossing on behalf of the Level Crossing Removal Authority

A road over the rail is the most appropriate solution for removing the level crossing due to the groundwater challenges in this area. This overpass includes 2 separate bridges each with 3 traffic lanes and a shared walking and cycling path. Building 2 bridges allows us to create the overpass in 2 stages, minimising disruption to drivers and commuters during the works.

We expect to complete the level crossing removal by mid 2018. 

Read more in the Thompsons Road Upgrade factsheet [PDF 391Kb]

We're duplicating Thompsons Road from Dandenong-Frankston Road to Berwick-Cranbourne Road, making it one continuous two-lane road. 

We’re adding an additional lane in each direction from:  

The new lanes will improve traffic flow and make journeys easier along Thompsons Road. 

We’re also replacing the roundabout at Western Port Highway with traffic lights to help reduce your travel time during peak periods. We’re also adding traffic lights at McCormicks Road.

We'll be building up to 10kms of shared walking and cycling paths to give you a safe, sustainable and convenient way to connect with community facilities and public transport hubs.

We're expecting to complete the entire Thompsons Road Upgrade by mid 2019. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to deliver this much needed upgrade.

Information updates

View Thompsons Road Upgrade information update - April 2018 [PDF 550Kb]

View Thompsons Road Upgrade information update - January 2018 [PDF 545 Kb]

View Thompsons Road Upgrade information update - December 2017 [PDF 327 Kb]

View Thompsons Road Upgrade information update - March 2017 [PDF 493Kb]

View Thompsons Road Upgrade information update - December 2016 [PDF 2Mb]

View Thompsons Road Upgrade information update - June 2016 [PDF 817Kb]

View Thompsons Road Upgrade information update - March 2016 [PDF 1.47Mb]

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