Upfield Shared User Path refurbishment and extension

The Victorian Government is investing $3.75 million to improve safety for people walking and cycling on the Upfield Shared User Path between the Western Ring Road in Fawkner and O’hea Street in Coburg North.

This project is funded through the $100 million Safer Cyclist and Pedestrian Fund with an additional $250,000 from the Victorian State Budget to complete the important lighting upgrades. 

Project Update - July 2022

The project will be delivered in two phases:

Phase 1: July to September 2022

  • Upgrade street lighting along the Upfield Shared User Path from; Spry Street to Bakers Road in Coburg North, and Rogers Street to O’Hea Street in Coburg.

Phase 2: Works are expected to start in late 2022

  • Extend the Upfield shared user path between Sages Road and the Western Ring Road to improve accessibility and connection to key commuting routes in the north.
  • Improve fencing and bicycle line marking between Sages Road and Fawkner Station to assist people walking and cycling through the area.
  • A 40km/h speed reduction on Sages Road, to create a low speed, mixed traffic environment for people walking, cycling and driving.

Upfield Shared User Path refurbishment and extension map

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What we're doing

As part of Phase 1, we’re installing solar-powered LED lighting on the following sections of the Upfield shared user path:

  • Spry Street to Bakers Road in Coburg North
  • Rogers Street to O’hea Street in Coburg.

When to expect us

Our crews will be on site from mid-July 2022 and expect to complete Phase 1 lighting upgrades in six to eight weeks. 

We’ll be back in touch with community prior to commencing Phase 2.  

How this will impact you

As part of Phase 1, there are two sections where the Upfield Shared User Path will be closed for a duration of a week each, on consecutive weeks.

Section 1 – Spry Street

The northbound detour begins at Spry Street, diverting you along Sydney Road then back up Barkers Road to connect you with back the shared user path. 

View the Section 1 detour map here

Section 2 – Rogers Street 

The southbound detour begins at Ryan Street, diverting you along Ross Street then back up O’Hea Street connecting you back with the shared user path.

View the Section 2 detour map here

Project background

The existing Upfield Shared User Path runs for approximately 8km, from Park Street in Brunswick to Box Forest Road in Hadfield, adjacent to the Upfield Railway Line. It accommodates 2,500 bicycle riders daily and connects to key routes such as Merri Creek Trail, Moonee Ponds Creek Trail and the Capital City Share Trail.

This project aims to refurbish and extend the Upfield Shared User Path, including important lighting, marking and construction works that will improve safety and accessibility for people walking and cycling in the area. 

Project benefits

Walking and bike riding is growing in popularity and is a healthy and sustainable mode of transport that reduces traffic congestion and the need for on-road parking space.

That’s why the Victorian Government has committed to developing an easy, safe and better-connected bicycle network to encourage the continuation of these healthy habits for more daily trips, particularly around our local neighbourhoods.

This project will encourage those Victorians who want to walk and ride more on easier and safer paths, crossings and streets, to do so with a safer option to walk and cycle in the local area - to schools, stations, shops and parks.

Other works 

The signalisation of Box Forest Road and Sages Road has received funding as part of the Federal Blackspot Program to help improve safety for people using the Upfield Shared User Path. It is currently in planning stage and requires design approvals along with level crossing interlinking process approvals.

Safer Roads

These upgrades are being delivered by Safer Roads, in partnership with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and will help us continue to deliver a safer network for connected journeys to get Victorians home sooner and safer. 

Get in touch

To find out more about this project, get in touch with the project team. 

Email: [email protected] 

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