Wantirna Road and Reilly Street, Ringwood intersection upgrade

We’re making the Wantirna Road and Reilly Street intersection safer for motorists and pedestrians by installing traffic lights and new pedestrian crossings.

About the project

We understand and share the concerns of the community around congestion and safety at the intersection of Wantirna Road and Reilly Street in Ringwood. 

We appreciate it can be difficult to turn into and out of Reilly Street, particularly in the busy peak periods. There are no formal pedestrian crossing points in the immediate vicinity for those accessing community facilities along Reilly Street.

From September through until early 2022 we will be:

  • Installing new traffic lights to improve safety and traffic flow
  • Providing a dedicated right turn lane into Reilly Street, making it safer and easier to turn into and out of this street
  • Installing two signalised pedestrian crossings to help the community cross safely at the busy intersection.

Project background

Since the opening of Aquanation in 2016, Reilly Street has seen an increase in traffic that is contributing to high congestion levels and delays for motorists. 
This project will improve traffic flow through the intersection, particularly during peak periods – meeting the needs of more than one million visitors to Aquanation each year, local residents and local schools.
The crash history for the past 20 years at the intersection has been reviewed and indicates a general trend of crashes involving motorists turning into and out of Reilly Street.
Installing safety infrastructure at intersections is important, considering about a third of deaths on Victorian roads result from crashes at intersections. Creating safer roads and intersections will help save lives by improving turning and assisting road users to better judge gaps in opposing traffic.


Wantirna Road and Reilly Street, Ringwood intersection upgrade map

Community involvement

We’ve been working closely with Maroondah City Council and with residents to address the safety and congestion concerns at this busy intersection. During this time, we’re also connecting with key local stakeholders, including those closest to the intersection.

Get in touch

For more information about this project, please get in touch.

Email: [email protected]

This project is considered a critical infrastructure project and will continue during current COVID restrictions. Critical infrastructure projects include safety and maintenance works on roads and public transport, and road safety projects that maintain critical safe operations on the road network. To ensure the safety of all workers and the community, all construction and maintenance work undertaken during these restrictions will operate under a COVID Safe plan.


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