Warrandyte Bridge upgrade

We’re adding an extra lane to Warrandyte Bridge to ease traffic flow and make it safer for the community.

Update – December 2018

There are now three lanes open on the Warrandyte Bridge.

In December we’ll be packing up our site facilities in preparation for the completion of the bridge upgrade.

During December, we’ll be completing:

  • Bus stop upgrade with PTV
  • Installation of traffic signage
  • Pedestrian fencing along the bridge

In late-January we’ll be returning to the area to complete the final works, which include new asphalting on the bridge and permanent line marking. These works will be complete by late-February. During these works there will be overnight temporary lane closures.  

We’re continuing to work closely with emergency services and local councils and have a comprehensive emergency management plan in place.

Night works and bridge lane closures, 18-20 December 2018

We’ll be working overnight to complete line marking on bridge.

When we’re working

  • One night from 8pm – 5am between 18-20 December 2018

What to be aware of

  • During these works, there will be lane closures on the bridge, however traffic flow will be maintained from both directions, with assistance from on-site traffic management.
  • You will be able to continue to move across the bridge, with assistance from on-site traffic management.
  • There will be speed reductions in place around work areas to ensure the safety of the work crew, so please look out for signage.
  • There will be changed traffic conditions and possible delays because of these works, so if you are traveling through the area please plan ahead.
  • These works need to be completed in dry weather, and if required may need to be postponed to the second night or another alternative night in dry weather conditions. 

November 2018 - January 2019 works

Works will continue over this period as we continue construction of the bridge. We’ll be working at the following times:
  • Weekdays, 7am – 6pm
  • Saturdays, 7am – 2.30pm

The works will include:

  • installing pedestrian railing
  • upgrading the bus stop in Yarra Street
  • completing the shared used paths
  • installing public lighting, permanent crash barriers and guard rails
  • installing traffic lights at the intersection of Research-Warrandyte Road and Kangaroo Ground – Warrandyte Road
  • completing asphalting and line marking
  • installing signage
  • strengthening under the bridge
  • removing scaffolding, temporary crash barriers and construction facilities
  • landscaping.

To find out more about works read our latest community newsletter [PDF 177Kb] 

About the project

The project includes widening the Warrandyte Bridge to add a new lane for traffic travelling southbound from North Warrandyte to Warrandyte across the Yarra River.

Other improvements we’re making include:

  • Creating a new left turn lane onto the bridge from Yarra Street
  • New footpaths, including a new shared user path on the west side of the bridge 
  • Installing traffic lights at the intersection of Kangaroo Ground-Warrandyte Road and Research-Warrandyte Road.   

Community Safety 

We’re continuing to work closely with emergency services and local councils throughout this project and have a comprehensive emergency management plan in place.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please get in touch via email [email protected]

Information updates

November / December [PDF 177 Kb]

October 2018 [PDF 212 Kb]

August 2018 [PDF 171 Kb]

July 2018 [PDF 276 Kb]

June 2018 [PDF 277 Kb] 

April/May 2018 [PDF 334 Kb]

March 2018 [PDF 135 Kb]

February 2018 [PDF 92 Kb] 

January 2018 [PDF 115 Kb]

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